Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Story about Mexican immigrants leaving US due to poor economy was another lie, stats were from Obama campaign/admin. given to Pew

"U.S. is allowing "drug and human smugglers in without a fight" in parts of the Southwest." Story about immigrants going back home was just stats Obama administration DHS gave to Pew Research to put out.

5/14/12, "Border agents dispute claim that illegal immigrant tide is slowing," Washington Examiner, Sara A. Carter

"Federal law enforcement agents on the border are skeptical that the illegal immigrant tide is slowing. And new information from the U.S. financial sector shows that more money is flowing from American cities to Mexico in the form of remittances from immigrants than last year.

Federal law enforcement officials interviewed by The Washington Examiner say security is being compromised as the government seeks to keep a lid on the border as a campaign issue during the presidential election cycle. Department of Homeland Security's Border Patrol agents and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers are being told not to make arrests of noncriminal illegal immigrants, and not to patrol areas of high traffic along the roughly 2,000-mile Southwest border.

A Border Patrol official working along the Texas border said administration officials are deliberately failing to document what is actually happening on the border. "In many cases my supervisors make it clear that they don't want increased apprehension numbers, which means no arrests," he said.

The government is also failing to patrol hundreds of miles of federal wildlife reserves that fall under the jurisdiction of the Interior Department. That has given smugglers and illegal immigrants a clear corridor to enter the county and has skewed national arrest figures, an official said. The U.S. is allowing "drug and human smugglers in without a fight" in parts of the Southwest, he said.

T.J. Bonner, former president of the National Border Patrol Council, said recent reports stating that immigration has declined are not substantiated by the facts. He said Border Patrol agents are being hampered by numerous restrictions.

"For every illegal crosser who is arrested, two get away," Bonner said.

Bonner said the Pew report, which uses statistics provided by DHS, is "surprising, considering remittances to Mexico are up despite a bad economy."...

Statistics from the Bank of Mexico, that country's largest bank, showed that remittances totaled $3.29 billion in January and February, up 7.9 percent over the same period last year. Remittances to Mexico are on a pace to total about $19.7 billion this year, according to the recent reports.

An ICE official who spoke on background said, "The guys in my office were laughing when we heard the Pew report and when we see DHS flat-out lie. We are in a constant battle with higher-ups to do our job. The problem is if we did it right, the numbers wouldn't add up" -- that is, they wouldn't support the administration's desire to keep the immigration issue off voters' minds in 2012, he said."...via Lucianne


Ed. note: People on the right bought this hook, line and sinker. The CIA "double agent" story was another lie: 5/14/12, "BOMBSHELL: Al-Qaeda Infiltrator was Working for Brits not CIA, Cover Blown for Election Year Politics," PJ Media, Tatler. The GOP is so sold on Obama they believe anything he says.


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