Wednesday, May 16, 2012

George Bush is father of Arab Spring, not Obama-Schlussel

Bush "called the Arab Spring “the broadest challenge to authoritarian rule since the collapse of Soviet communism.” Uh, no, moron. It’s the broadest challenge to the survival of the West since ever."

5/16/12, "MORON: Bush Praises Arab Spring; George W. – Father of Islamic “Democracy’," Debbie Schlussel

"I would say the moron of the day award goes to George W. Bush for praising the Arab Spring bloodbath that ushered in Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Egypt, and so on and so forth. But, actually, in this case, he’s the moron of the decade, since he preached Islamic democracy ever since 9/11 and even before that. He’s the father of the Arab Spring, NOT Obama. I warned against this back in 2006, and predicted back then that the Muslim Brotherhood would take over Egypt. And I noted again and again that democracy ain’t for Muslims–savages and barbarians who need an authoritarian dictator to keep them in line. It is only for civilizations, something Bush just doesn’t get.

George W. Bush drove out the only Sunni obstacle to the Middle East’s Shi’ite Crescent and Shi’ite Revolution, sending American boys to die in the name of Islamic “democracy” in Iraq that put in place Hezbollah-supporting, Iran-backed Shi’ites and drove the Christians and many Sunnis out. He’s the father of the Arab Spring because he insisted on free elections in Gaza, then–after spending gazillions in your tax money to campaign for Fatah/PLO terrorists, he and Condi Clueless were shocked–shocked!–when HAMAS was elected. He also pushed Hezbollah into power in Lebanon, insisting on more liberalized elections there, too.

So, the “Arab Spring” now is his doing, something I warned against during his administration, but no one listened. And now we have the fruits of his idiocy. And, yet, despite all evidence to the contrary, Bush insists his Islamic democracy experiment worked . . . the claim only a moron or a liar–or both–could make. Funny, though, that Bush doesn’t insist on democracy and free elections in Saudi Arabia or any of the Gulf States. But, then, if his Sheikh and Royal friends were driven out of these places, who would pay for his–and Bill Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s–Presidential Library or many hundred-thousand dollar speeches? Interesting how that push for democracy in the Muslim world works, isn’t it?

The United States must stand by reformists in the Middle East and North Africa as the euphoria of revolution gives way to the tough work of building democratic societies, former U.S. President George W. Bush said on Tuesday.

Bush, who launched the 2003 invasion of Iraq that deposed Saddam Hussein, called the Arab Spring “the broadest challenge to authoritarian rule since the collapse of Soviet communism.”

Uh, no, moron. It’s the broadest challenge to the survival of the West since ever. And the broadest destabilization of the Middle East since the creation of the Mohammed myth and the enshrinement of the moongod cult now known as Islam.

However, he warned that the difficult path to democracy would test those societies and their supporters.

Wow, insightful stuff. How ’bout a more relevant term than “difficult”: impossible. Islam + “democracy” = tyranny.

“There are no guarantees, and there will certainly be setbacks,” he said in a speech in Washington. “But if America does not support the advance of democratic institutions and values, who will?”

Hey, here’s another similarly bright rhetorical question: If America does not support the bottling and selling of snake farts, who will?

Bush dismissed the arguments of those who saw inherent risks in democratic change in the Middle East and North Africa and felt the United States should be content “with supporting the flawed leaders they know in the name of stability.”

Um, a-hole, you are the one who made the agreement with Qaddafi that we then broke for no reason after a rapprochement and de facto peace with him. Yup, stability–who cares about that? What an over-rated concept when you can have anti-American Al-Qaeda yahoos elected all over the place . . . which is so much better, right? Whatta schmuck. But then we knew that . . . those of us with a brain not posting imbecillic, “Miss Me Yet?” billboards enshrining this idiot.

“It is not realistic to presume that so-called stability enhances our national security,” he said....

This guy was really President of the United States?

Bush called on the United States to help reformers build civic institutions and political parties, draw up constitutions, hold elections and establish the rule of law and property rights.

Um, we already did that, you dolt. And look at the result. This guy is truly the moron the left claimed he was and worse.

“It takes courage to ignite a freedom revolution,” he said. “But it also takes courage to secure a freedom revolution for future generations through structural reform.

Both types of bravery deserve our strong support.”

WHAT?! Structural reform. Hey, dumbass, look at the Egyptian parliament dominated by extremists. That’s your structural reform. Ditto for HAMASastan, which came to “life” under your watch....

The 65-year-old Bush . . . made the remarks at an event where he accepted the papers of late Czech leader Vaclav Havel for the “Freedom Collection” of documents and artifacts from dissidents at the George W. Bush Institute in Dallas, Texas.

Vaclav Havel is spinning in his grave asking this dumb American to shut the bleep up. The nerve of this ignoramus to compare the European overthrow of Communism to the Muslim world’s self-rapture in Islamic extremism (a redundant phrase).

Still miss that idiot? If that brainless spouting wasn’t enough, here’s a reminder: his eight years of crap brought us at least four of Obama and maybe four of Bush extra-lite a/k/a Romney. And it changed the Middle East forever, and not in a good way. In fact, George W. Bush is the father of the destabilization of the Middle East forever."


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