Monday, July 12, 2010

Greater Boston Tea Party statement on Scott Brown vote for Barney Frank-Dodd bank bill

"The leadership and members of the Greater Boston Tea Party, along with tea party and conservative activists across the Commonwealth are greatly disappointed in Senator Brown's announcement that he will vote yes on the Financial Reform Bill.
  • After weeks of debate and a thorough investigation of the bill and its possible effects on the economy, small businesses, community banks and consumers, we are at a loss as to what redeeming qualities Senator Brown found in the bill worthy of support.

Scott Brown promised in the fall of 2009 to stand up for free markets and constitutional principles. A yes vote on this bill -

  • a bill that disregards Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,
  • greatly expands executive authority and reach, creates a perpetual and permanent bail-out system and fosters the creation of even more bureaucracy -

defies the commitment he made to thousands of activists and donors across the nation who swept him in to office in January in one of the biggest political upsets of all time.

  • Tea party activists will continue to independently support candidates and current representatives that adhere to our constitutional principles of limited government, free markets and individual Liberty.
If Senator Brown wants our continued support, he must consider how legislation he supports upholds these principles."
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Scott Brown has apparently gone on long bike rides with John Kerry via Michelle Malkin. John Kerry is a vicious and disturbed person-in my opinion. Anyone who would go on long bike rides with such a person has a screw loose-in my opinion. I have been similarly stunned at
  • Scott Brown's public statements since he began in the US Senate, which have been dismissive and almost attacking of the people who gave the most for him. Save the rap about how this bill was better than doing nothing. Scott Brown, you disgust me, you are a disgrace. ed.

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