Friday, June 7, 2019

What normal people see as US-Mexico border crisis is exactly as planned by globalist profiteers 40 years ago. 81% of 2018 Mexican exports came from maquiladora sweatshops along US border. Faceless globalists get their slave labor and no blame. All blame instead goes to innocent Americans who are forced to live in a shooting gallery while being called selfish racists-Ehret

6/6/19, A Revival of the Portillo Plan Is the Solution to the US-Mexico Border Crisis, Not More Tariffs,” Strategic Culture, Matthew Ehret 

“While it is every nation’s sovereign right and even duty to use a protective tariff in defense of national interests, Trump’s use of it in the case of Mexico is completely unfitting and misdiagnoses the entire nature of the crisis now unfolding.

In 2018 Mexico exported $346.5 billion in goods to the USA and imported $265 billion. The problem is that 81% of the Mexican exports came from maquiladora sweatshops along the American border which is the effect of a 40 year policy of globalization utilizing cheap Mexican labor which can only remain cheap by keeping infrastructure under developed, technology backwards and nations under debt enslavement to a financial oligarchy. While America certainly suffered by losing its industrial sector to outsourcing, Mexico did not gain, as its sovereign right to develop an advanced industrial sector and high standard of living was sabotaged by becoming a slave labour camp of the south.”…


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