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Georgia begs Trump to clear out nest of Swamp globalists running US embassy in Tbilisi, but he won’t. UN says Georgia is “Dying Nation” (Soros loves to put final nail in coffins)-Strategic Culture, Jatras…(US embassies are Soros territory, and Trump idolizes Soros)

Earlier this week pro-family leader [in Georgia] Vasadze directly appealed personally to US President Donald Trump to clean out the nest of “Swamp” globalists running the US embassy in Tbilisi [Georgia]. US will starve your innocent citizens and kill your country if you simply seek to be independent and nationalist: In Georgia, violent “opposition forces” backed by Trump and his hateful, interventionist State Dept. representative in Tbilisi Elizabeth Rood along with convicted felon Soros ever present to punish fragile or newly independent countries. (6/14/2006,Soros has often drawn criticism for speculating heavily on the collapse of fragile currencies.” NY Times) launched a violent attack on the parliament on a scale that could only have been preplanned.…The message to traditional societies still grounded in Christian morality but with elites committed to “a European course, meaning membership in NATO” and maybe even the “European Union is that it’s a package deal. You don’t get to pick which part of western  “democracy, human rights and free markets” you want and which you don’t. You can’t have transatlanticism without transgenderism. So shut up, grit your teeth, and take it…”…Georgia lost almost a third of its population, 31%, between 1989 and 2014..The United Nations has put Georgia on the list of ‘Dying Nations’ and ‘Dying Languages.'”...So genocide has been normalized...”‘“It is clearly evident who is controlling the processes in Georgia,” Fr. David said. “We truly want to be an independent country, not in word, but in deed. The U.S. authorities, in the person of the ambassador [Elizabeth Rood—O.C. (JGJ: Rood is actually Chargé d’Affaires, a.i., not ambassador)] directly interfere in our internal affairs. She wants to control the processes here and exacerbate the situation, knocking people against one another,” Fr. ‘David explained.”

6/22/19, “Violence Erupts as West Turns Its Sexual Subversion Weapon on Georgia,” Strategic Culture, James George Jatras 

In downtown Washington it’s impossible to swing a cat without hitting a rainbow flag or a “Pride” enthusiast. 

If anyone was under the impression that established religion was a thing of the past in secular, postmodern societies, he, she, it, they, ze, sie, hir, co, or ey are mistaken. There is in fact an official religion of the “democratic” West, and LGBT++ etcetera is it. 

A symptom of that is corporations’ display of rainbow versions of their logos, a demonstration that their plutocratic money-grubbing is duly balanced by piety. This includes the Cartoon Network, a sign that the effort to initiate kids into the satanic LGBT++ “church”is becoming increasingly overt. Really, with abominations like “Drag Queen Story Hour they hardly even bother to hide it anymore. 

Ending the traditional family founded on marriage and the birth of children is the intended but hidden goal, as confirmed in 2012 by Soviet-born LGBT activist Masha Gessen, prior to the US Supreme’s Court’s establishing same-sex marriage nationwide: 

“‘[I]t is a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. . . . Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there, because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie. The institution of marriage is going to change, and it should change, and again, I don’t think it should exist.’” 

For the past several years governments of formerly Christian countries in North America and Europe have made LGBT ideology an integral element of their promotion of “human rights” and “democracy” in formerly communist countries. 

This includes pressuring compliant governments of European countries recently emerged from communism to hold “Pride parades” that offend local sensibilities. (Mystifyingly, there is no effort to force such demonstrations on Riyadh, Islamabad, etc.) Recent targets of such sexual subversion have been Ukraine (where it has been a key element of the US State Department’s and the Ecumenical Patriarchate’s attack on the canonical Orthodox Church) and Moldova (where the US embassy took the lead in a joint statement hailing the “the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia [and] … support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI)). Our tax dollars at work!

The message to traditional societies still grounded in Christian morality but with elites committed to “a European course,”meaning membership in NATO and (perhaps someday…) the European Union is thatit’s a package deal. You don’t get to pick which part of western “democracy, human rights and free markets” you want and which you don’t. You can’t have transatlanticism without transgenderism. So shut up, grit your teeth, and take it . . . 

At this very moment Ground Zero for the West’s campaign to undermine the traditional Christian concept of the family is Georgia, where the usual suspects – foreign embassies and their controlled NGOs, working in concert with George Soros’s Open Society groups – were determined to hold Tbilisi’s first Pride parade this week. As reported by Orthodox Christianity on June 17: 

“‘Georgia is a deeply traditional country, with more than 80% of the population belonging to the Orthodox Church, and the battle between traditional, Orthodox values and more liberal, secularized values is being prompted and aggravated not only by the nation’s LGBT community, but by the great Western powers, Archpriest David Isakadze, and others, believes. 

‘“It is clearly evident who is controlling the processes in Georgia,” Fr. David said. “We truly want to be an independent country, not in word, but in deed. The U.S. authorities, in the person of the ambassador [Elizabeth Rood—O.C. (JGJRood is actually Chargé d’Affaires, a.i., not ambassador)] directly interfere in our internal affairs. She wants to control the processes here and exacerbate the situation, knocking people against one another,” Fr. ‘David explained, noting that he and those of like mind are prepared to demand that the U.S. withdraw its acting ambassador if she does not immediately appeal to the participants in the LGBT event to disband. 

‘The Georgian Patriarchate issued a statement on Friday, calling on the authorities to prevent the event, citing the divisions it causes in the traditional society that largely stands against the sinful nature of the LGBT lifestyle. At the same time, the Church declared that there must be no violence surrounding the events.’”

[Image above: Wikipedia is on board. Banner at top of “Georgia” page at Wikipedia celebrates “PRIDE” and “LGBT,” 6/23/19] 

Faced with massive public opposition – over 97 percent of respondents in a TV poll opposed the march! – Georgian authorities cancelled the parade. Opposition to the Pride event is being spearheaded by businessman and father of eight children Levan Vasadze, who predictably (along with conservative Christian American supporters, like Brian Brown of the International Organization for the Family) has been smeared by Soros-funded hate outfits like the Southern Poverty Law Center and RightWingWatch, together with solidly pro-LGBT Western media reporting (with the commendable exception of CBN’s George Thomas’s must watch interview with Vasadze) for stating what any unbiased observer knows is the truth in Georgia, as well as other post-communist countries: 

“‘Vasadze portrayed the LGBTQ movement as part of the “ugly heritage” of the “liberal domination” that “befell upon the world” after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Georgians had hoped to embrace western freedoms, he said, but instead the country is being destroyed by poverty and liberal abortion laws and he portrayed the push for LGBTQ equality as “the last nail in our coffin. He said “our fragile puppet state is under tremendous pressure from the likes of George Soros” and the U.S. embassy.’ 

(If anything, Vasadze is being optimistic about his country’s demographic health: ‘In 2015, the National Statistics Office of Georgia released the results of the first census in more than a decade reflecting that the country’s population as of 2014 reduced to 3.7 million from 5.4 million in 1989. …“The United Nations has put Georgia on the list of ‘Dying Nations’ and ‘Dying Languages’,” [National Statistics Office of Georgia head] Zviad Tomaradze warned adding that according to the UN experts, in 2050 the Georgian population would decrease by 28 percent, while among the ethnic Georgians the depopulation will amount to 50 percent.”)” 

On June 19 the organizers of “Tbilisi Pride” and their foreign mentors and funders had declared that despite lack of a permit they would go through with their demonstration at an undisclosed time by Sunday, June 23. Then, late on Friday, June 21, local time, organizers declared the event postponed but “the rally would be held at a later date that was yet to be confirmed.” Translation: “We’ll be back when our opponents have been battered sufficiently into line. You can’t stop ‘democracy’!”

[Image: 6/17/19, “Western Powers Aggravating Situation in Georgia Surrounding LGBT Events,”] 

But don’t think the forces of Western progress and enlightenment are just sitting on their hands. The most effective defense is an offense. And, as the anti-Trump conspirators in the US-UK Deep State know, the best offense always is Russia! Russia! Russia! 

A pretext came on Thursday, June 20, when an international group of legislators visited the Georgian parliament under the auspices of the Athens-based Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (IAO). Uniting lawmakers from over a dozen countries, the IAO includes “parliamentarians throughout the world, Christian Orthodox in faith, with the aim of joining our common cultural aspect, that of religion, as the meeting point in the participation of structuring a contemporary complex reality.”

During the visit, the president of IAO’s General Assembly, Russian State Duma Deputy Sergei Gavrilov, sat in the Speaker’s chair in the Georgian parliamentary chamber. While no doubt impolitic given strained relations between Georgia and Russia (which had recently been incrementally improving ties following their short war in 2008) the move was “standard practice,” according to a statement from the IAO. 

Nevertheless, opposition forces [funded by US taxpayers], stung by growing opposition to their Pride provocation, used the Gavrilov incident as an excuse to launch a violent attack on the parliament on a scale that could only have been preplanned and awaiting activation. (It should be noted that, in keeping with the anti-Russian themeTbilisi Pride organizers tweeted their support for the parliament attack, doubtlessly expecting reciprocation for their cause.) Spearheaded by the United National Movement, the party of disgraced former president and Western favorite Mikheil Saakashvili (who is in self-imposed exile, fleeing from his conviction on corruption charges), the attack mimicked violent actions of “peaceful protesters” in Kiev [Ukraine violent coup in 2014 was proudly caused by US as Obama freely admitted] five years ago with the end of provoking forceful police resistance and numerous injuries, which duly occurred. As of this writing the Georgian parliamentary Speaker was forced to resign and questions are being raised as to whether the ruling Georgian Dream reformist party can retain power – which surely was the point in the first place. 

In short, in the context of two seemingly unrelated but in spirit closely linked eventsthe postponed Pride parade and the assault on the parliamentwe may be seeing the beginning of a regime change operation like that in Ukraine in 2014 and in Georgia in 2003. Indeed, it was the latter that brought Saakashvili to power in the first place. 

As things stand as of this writing, Georgia is simmering in a national crisis with deep political, social, moral, and spiritual consequences for the country’s future. Any small progress in improved relations with Russia has been scuttled. As Gavrilov notes on the Duma website: 

“‘“Our common opinion is that now in Georgia there is an obvious attempt of a coup d’état and the seizure of power by radical extremist forces, which are guided in many respects from abroad and, as we think, are associated with Mr. [Mikhail] Saakashvili,” said Sergei Gavrilov at a press conference. 

‘“The meeting of the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy was the ground for inciting anti-Russian hysteria and discrediting Georgia, as an Orthodox country, to strike at Georgian Orthodoxy and the Georgian Orthodox Church,” he added. 

‘He also admitted that Western secret services could be involved in these events.’” 

As if to confirm Gavrilov’s suspicions of Western involvementin a June 21 statement the US Embassy in Georgia placed full blame on the police (regarding the parliament) and “anti-American rhetoric from anti-LGBT groups” (regarding the Pride march): 

“‘Following the violent escalation of last night’s demonstrations in downtown Tbilisi, including use of tear gas and rubber bullets by police, additional protest activity is expected to occur tonight and possibly throughout the weekend. Public Pride Week events may also occur over the weekend at undisclosed locations in Tbilisi. Based on violent, anti-American rhetoric from anti-LGBT groups, the [US] embassy has determined that there is increased risk that Americans could be targeted. U.S. government personnel have been directed not to participate in any demonstrations and to avoid any areas where a large crowd is gathering.’” 

The bureaucrats and Sorostitutes at the US Embassy in Tbilisi are in serious need of adult supervision from the Trump Administration [which they won’t get because Trump adores Soros]. Earlier this week pro-family leader Vasadze directly appealed personally to US President Donald Trump to clean out the nest of “Swamp” globalists running the US embassy in Tbilisi. What are the odds that he will heed it – or even be informed of it by his advisers? After all, they wouldn’t want him to be accused of “colluding” with Moscow by standing up for Georgia’s Christian, pro-family people targeted by American officials who constitutionally are under the President’s authority.” 


Added: Soros was on the scene to plunder fledgling, newly independent Russia in the 1990s: 

May 14, 1998, “The Harvard Boys do Russia,The Nation, Janine R. Wedel [HIID, Harvard Institute for International Development, was dissolved in June 2000.] 

“After seven years of economic “reform” financed by billions of dollars in U.S. and other Western aid, subsidized loans and rescheduled debt, the majority of Russian people find themselves worse off economically. The privatization drive that was supposed to reap the fruits of the free market instead helped to create a system of tycoon capitalism run for the benefit of a corrupt political oligarchy that has appropriated hundreds of millions of dollars of Western aid and plundered Russia’s wealth. The architect of privatization was former First Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Chubais, a darling of the U.S. and Western financial establishments. 

Using the prestige of Harvard’s name and connections in the [Clinton] Administration, H.I.I.D. officials acquired virtual carte blanche over the U.S. economic aid program to Russia, with minimal oversight by the government agencies involved....Few Americans are aware of H.I.I.D.’s role in Russian privatization, and its suspected misuse of taxpayers’ funds…. 

Anne Williamson, a journalist who specializes in Soviet and Russian affairs, details these and other conflicts of interest between H.I.I.D.’s advisers and their supposed clients–the Russian people–in her forthcoming book, How America Built the New Russian Oligarchy. For example, in 1995, in Chubais-organized insider auctions of prime national properties, known as loans-for-shares, the Harvard Management Company (H.M.C.), which invests the university’s endowment, and billionaire speculator George Soros were the only foreign entities allowed to participate. H.M.C. and Soros became significant shareholders in Novolipetsk, Russia’s second-largest steel mill, and Sidanko Oil, whose reserves exceed those of Mobil. H.M.C. and Soros also invested in Russia’s high-yielding, I.M.F.-subsidized domestic bond market. 

Even more dubious, according to Williamson, was Soros’s July 1997 purchase of 24 percent of Sviazinvest, the telecommunications giant, in partnership with Uneximbank’s Vladimir Potanin. It was later learned that shortly before this purchase Soros had tided over Yeltsin’s government with a backdoor loan of hundreds of millions of dollars while the government was awaiting proceeds of a Eurobond issue; the loan now appears to have been used by Uneximbank to purchase Norilsk Nickel in August 1997. According to Williamson, the U.S. assistance program in Russia was rife with such conflicts of interest involving H.I.I.D. advisers and their U.S.A.I.D.-funded Chubais allies, H.M.C. managers, favored Russian bankers, Soros and insider expatriates working in Russia’s nascent markets."…

Above, 1993, Beaming American currency speculator George Soros with Russian President Yeltsin at the Kremlin, Reuters

Added: George Soros, a criminal phenomenon, is effectively in the Oval Office: Jared Kushner’s business “Cadre also secured a $250 million line of credit from the family office of Mr. Soros, a top Democratic donor.….Mr. Soros’s family office said it had invested [in Kushner’s business] in early 2015 before Mr. Trump declared his presidential candidacy.“ 

May 3, 2017, Trump Adviser Kushner’s Undisclosed Partners Include Goldman and Soros,” Wall St. Journal, Jean Eaglesham, Juliet Chung, Lisa Schwartz 

Jared Kushner’s interests “include loans totaling at least $1 billion from more than 20 lenders, to properties and companies part-owned by Mr. Kushner…. He has also provided personal guarantees on more than $300 million of the debt….Deutsche Bank and RBS are among entities to whom he’s given personal guarantees.…Cadre also secured a $250 million line of credit from the family office of Mr. Soros, a top Democratic donor.….Mr. Soros’s family office said it had invested [in Kushner’s business] in early 2015 before Mr. Trump declared his presidential candidacy.“…Kushner has business “ties to a broad swath of U.S. and foreign banks, private-equity firms, real-estate companies and government-owned lenders.”…

Added: Trump himself accepted a $160 million loan from Soros in 2004: 

The $160 million investment is in the form of a mezzanine loan, a kind of second mortgage that typically charges a much higher interest rate than a first-mortgage construction loan.

Oct. 28, 2004, Big names back Trump tower, Chicago Tribune, Thomas A. Corfman

“Soros, Deutsche Bank said to be in on 90-story building.” 

“Donald Trump has lined up three New York hedge funds, including money from billionaire George Soros, to invest $160 million in his Chicago skyscraper, a key piece in perhaps the largest construction financing in the city’s history, according to real estate sources and public documents.”…

Added: Definition of genocide: 

Lemkin created the term genocide and defined it as follows: “Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups.”

Comment: Trump long ago made clear his heart belongs to the criminal phenomenon, Soros:“Oh, forget Soros, leave him alone, he’s got enough problems,” Trump said at a 2011 Tea Party rally.” I wouldn’t even be in a room with Soros. If you take his money or defend him, you’re as bad as he is. That would include most of the open borders US political class. Voters took a chance on Trump because there was absolutely no one else to vote for, he was our last chance. But he must not be re-elected. Pres. Trump proved to be the exact opposite of Candidate Trump. That can’t be rewarded. The only way to free ourselves from our enslavement to the US Mass Murder and Starvation machine is to end the US, break it into parts. SW states could merge with Mexico for example.

Added: Never before has a criminal phenomenon, in this case massive illegal immigration, which enjoyed such wide support by governments and political parties. “International NGOs such as Avaaz, Oxfam, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and many others have certainly one thing in common: their financial source, which is Soros.” 

5/9/19,A criminal phenomenon, An interview with Francesca Totolo,, “Economic and financial matters related to geopolitical events.” 

“Never before has a criminal phenomenon enjoyed widespread international support by governments, political parties, religious and civilian organizations, popular opinion, and never before has a sovereign state renounced to exercise control over its borders.”… 

“These opening words by Gianandrea Gaiani are a fitting introduction to Francesca Totolo’s latest book Inferno Spa. Gaiani is no stranger to the business of illegal immigration, being an author of several books on the subject. He was interviewed by Gefira in 2017 when the Italian government was then still a center-left pro-migrants coalition. Totolo has agreed to an exclusive interview for Gefira and we recently met her in Florence, where she was presenting her new book. 

Francesca Totolo is a freelance investigative journalist and collaborates with a variety of Italian and international press agencies and websites. Her investigations have been published both in Italy and abroad. We could easily call Totolo a diligent – and outspoken – journalist as her new book, which she wrote with Dante’s Inferno in mind, involves just that: solid, painstaking, diligent research and fact-checking. The result is the equivalent of an encyclopedia of who’s who in the business (Spa is the Italian acronym for joint-stock company, equivalent of the German AG) of the immigrants’ industry, an industry which moves an unending flow of human beings and money. 

She has divided her book into different sections, entitling them with some of Dante’s appellatives in his Divine Comedy: first the ferrymen or Charons who deliver thousands of human beings to the other bank, then the hypocritical NGOs followed by the traitors to the country at all levels, sided by the omnipresent politically correct mainstream media and well-funded organizations of all sorts. 

All these infernal characters have in the end one Master Mind, who acts like a modern and nefarious Virgil: George Soros and his mind-boggling network. Totolo is ready to point out, at the conclusion of her book, that Soros is himself an actor, albeit of the highest level, lending his face to higher movers and shakers behind the curtains”, who have already decided that the original European population must be replaced. 

GEFIRA: How long have you been working on this subject and what are your primary sources? 

FT: Actually my interest was sparkled by the initial articles of Gefira (late 2016 – early 2017) that documented without a shred of doubt the smuggling of immigrants. The book is therefore the product of two years’ research. Since then I have been reviewing one by one these NGOs, their websites, and even asking them directly to disclose information, especially about their finances: needless to say I have been faced with the utmost denial, or, at best, with strictly sanitized reports which said nothing about their financial sources. What struck me about some of these NGO websites is that they put themselves above the law, with absolute certainty of impunity. 

GE: What about the so-called mainstream media, the big newspapers: what about their sources when they write about this topic? 

FT: Their main sources are the press releases from the NGOs themselves. Do you need to say any more than that? 

GE: What – in your opinion – do all those NGOs have in common? 

FT: All those international NGOs such as Avaaz, Oxfam, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and many others have certainly one thing in common: their financial source, which is Soros. Their role has been, and continues to be, making the Italian people feel guilty if they don’t accept immigrants: legal or illegal, they must be accepted no matter what. So these NGOs, or modern Charons as I like to call them, have effectively – directly or indirectly – smuggled into Italy something like 700,000 people over the last few years. It must be understood, by all means, that something like this is a planned operation since its very beginning. 

GE: Which is when, in your opinion? 

FT: Let me just say that: as early as 2008 the [press] association “carta di Roma” was founded in Rome. It can be considered the first NGO directly financed by Soros in Italy. What is the purpose of this “association of journalists”? To “promote correct information about immigrants, refugees, asylum-seekers in Italy”. Doesn’t that make you inevitably think that Soros knew as early as 2008 what would happen three years later in Libya and was therefore paving the way for a “change of the paradigm.” 

GE: What about the galaxy of Italian NGOs financed by Soros? 

FT: I put them in my book among the traitors to their own people. One of them certainly stands out: ASGI. 

GE: What is ASGI? 

FT: I like to call ASGI the judiciary arm of Soros in Italy. ASGI (Associazione Studi Giuridici sull’Immigrazione) works not only to promote new pro-immigrant legislation, but to effectively counteract – by legal means – every law-enforcing measure by the Italian government with a plethora of appeals which are a stranglehold on the judiciary system, rendering it notoriously slow. They even succeeded in passing into law the right for every newborn, regardless of his legal status, to receive an 800-euro bonus from INPS, the Italian welfare agency. They also went so far as to defend in court multiple convicted criminals preventing their deportation to their countries of origin. And, as I have found out, Italian NGOs like ASGI are part of an international network of NGOs such as ENAR. [Funded in part by US taxpayers as explained below.] 

GE: What is ENAR? 

FT: ENAR stands for European Network Against Racism, comprising various NGOs and associations. A network which receives funds not just from Open Society but also from the EU and from an American NGO, the NDI (National Democratic Institute) [part of NED, Carl Gershman’s group], directly financed by the US government [US taxpayers] through the notorious and omnipresent USAID agency. All these agencies contribute to creating what we could call Orwellian newspeak. [“The unwritten rule governing the NED’s [National Endowment for Democracy] activities is that the U.S. has an unqualified right to do unto others what others may not do unto the U.S.”]  

GE: What do you mean by that? 

FT: The aforementioned press association “Carta di Roma” now “recommends” that any possible reference to the ethnic origin of a criminal be removed from a published article. As a journalist, you could be now facing even criminal charges for using words such as “clandestine” or “Gipsy”, and the sole mentioning of the nationality of a criminal is “highly discouraged”. All of which is the creation and enforcing of newspeak. 

GE: Newspeak that has to be implemented by the press and by compliant politicians devoted to the cause. Which Italian politicians do you name in your book? 

FT: I could not start this list without naming Emma Bonino. She can be considered by all means Soros’s right-hand agent in Italy. She has founded “Più Europa” (more Europe), a party which receives direct funding from Open Society. It speaks volumes.””…


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