Friday, July 20, 2018

FBI Director Christopher Wray says Russians have made no effort to target US election infrastructure-Aspen Institute interview, July 18, 2018

The Aspen Institute, Streamed live on Jul 18, 2018″ 

“FBI Director [Christopher Wray] describes the Bureau’s role in national security generally and cyberterrorism and counterintelligence specifically. Christopher Wray, Director, FBI. Moderator: Lester Holt, Anchor, NBC Nightly News,” Join at 8 min., 54 seconds: 

Wray:The intelligence community’s assessment has not changed, my view has not changed, which is that Russia attempted to interfere in the last election. And that it continues to engage in malign influence operations to this day.”

Lester Holt: Aimed at our political system?

Wray: Aimed at sowing discord and divisiveness in this country. We haven’t yet seen an effort to target specific election infrastructure at this time.”… 


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