Wednesday, July 25, 2018

After Trump endorsement of Kemp poll shows nose-dive for opponent Cagle-Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Trump endorsed Kemp on Wednesday, July 18: 

7/24/18, From Atlanta Journal-Constitution political reporter Greg Bluestein: “Unreal. Just got these two internal tracking polls from Cagle allies that showed how quickly numbers nose-dived when Trump endorsed

Above, 7/24/18, AJC reporter Greg Bluestein twitter 

7/20/18, “Trump tweets Kemp endorsement,” Valdosta Daily Times, Jill Nolin, Atlanta 

“President Donald Trump endorsed Kemp over Cagle for Georgia governor Wednesday, July 18, just days before voters decide the contentious Republican runoff.” 


Added: As Georgia Sec. of State, Brian Kemp defended his state against ten attempted cyber attacks on state government files in 2016 by the Obama DHS: 

12/15/2016, Georgia secretary of state [Brian Kemp] says [2016] cyber attacks traced to DHS addresses,, Aaron Diamant 

“The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office now confirms 10 separate cyberattacks on its network were all traced back to U.S. Department of Homeland Security addresses. 

In an exclusive interview, a visibly frustrated Secretary of State Brian Kemp confirmed the attacks of different levels on his agency’s network over the last 10 months. He says they all traced back to DHS internet provider addresses. 

“We’re being told something that they think they have it figured out, yet nobody’s really showed us how this happened,” Kemp said. “We need to know.” 

Kemp told Channel 2’s Aaron Diamant his office’s cybersecurity vendor discovered the additional so-called vulnerability scans to his network’s firewall after a massive mid-November cyberattack triggered an internal investigation. 

The Secretary of State’s Office manages Georgia’s elections, and most concerning for Kemp about the newly discovered scans is the timing. 

The first one happened on Feb. 2, the day after Georgia’s voter registration deadline. The next one took place just days before the SEC primary. Another occurred in May, the day before the general primary, and then two more took place in November, the day before and the day of the presidential election. 

“It makes you wonder if somebody was trying to prove a point,” Kemp said. 

Last week, the DHS confirmed the large Nov. 15 attack traced back to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection internet gateway. But Kemp says the DHS’ story about its source keeps changing. 

“First it was an employee in Corpus Christi, and now it’s a contractor in Georgia,” Kemp said. 

Unsatisfied with the response he got from DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson this week, Kemp fired off a letter Wednesday to loop in President-elect Donald Trump. 

“We just need to ask the new administration to take a look at this and make sure that we get the truth the people of Georgia are deserving to know that and really demanding it,” Kemp said.

Kemp says several of those scans came around the same time he testified before Congress about his opposition to a federal plan to classify election systems as “critical infrastructure,“ like power plants and financial systems. 

Kemp believes Georgia’s state-run election systems are already secure and doesn’t think the feds should be involved. 

The DHS did not return Diamant’s emails seeking comment Tuesday.”


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