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Henry Kissinger: Obama withdrew America from international politics. Because of the vacuum Obama created, Trump has opportunity for remarkable foreign policy accomplishments-Politico, Dec. 2016...(Obama's June 4, 2009 Cairo speech can be read as the manifesto for a post-America world-Quadrant)

"President Obama’s June 4, 2009 Cairo speech...can be read as the manifesto for a post-America world."..."The President of the United States [Obama] appears to have declared peace in the world and war on Americans."...Quadrant, McCann 

12/18/2016, "Kissinger: Trump could offer 'extraordinary opportunity' in foreign policy," Politico, Ian Kullgren

"President-elect Donald Trump could accomplish "something remarkable" in U.S. foreign policy former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger says.

"Donald Trump is a phenomenon that foreign countries haven't seen. So, it is a shocking experience to them that he came into office. At the same time, extraordinary opportunity," Kissinger said in an interview aired Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation."

"And I believe he has the possibility of going down in history as a very considerable president.

The new Republican president's "unfamiliar questions" could fill a vacuum left by President Barack Obama, who "basically withdrew" America from international politics, said Kissinger,  who served enormous roles under two Republican presidents, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. 

"Because of the combination of the partial vacuum and the new questions, one could imagine that something remarkable and new emerges out of it," Kissinger said. "I'm not saying it will. I'm saying it's an extraordinary opportunity.""

Added: [Mrs.] Clinton has previously touted praise from Kissinger. “I was very flattered when Henry Kissinger said I ran the State Department better than anybody had run it in a long time,” she said at a Democratic debate in February."

Source: 9/2/2016, "Henry Kissinger and George Shultz Will Not Endorse in 2016 Election," Time, Tessa Berenson 

"Foreign policy gurus Henry Kissinger and George Shultz have announced they will not endorse a presidential candidate, after reports circulated Friday that they were considering a joint endorsement of Hillary Clinton."...

Added: What remains of the civilized world is in its post-Obama "vacuum." Conversely, Obama cheered on "every Muslim Brotherhood related entity that profited from the so-called Arab Spring." Obama held the foreign policy view that, "Third World radicalism, however antithetical to liberal-democratic precepts, is helpful in the advancement of a harmonious global community; and, American hegemony is the root cause of international conflagrations, from the Cold War to 9/11."...


"The strange case of the 44th President of the United States becomes more curious by the day. From as early as August 2010, according to Mark Steyn, Barack Obama began denouncing “groups with harmless-sounding names like Americans for Prosperity”. Shortly thereafter the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) waged a covert war against any American organisation with “Tea Party”, “Patriot” or “Constitution” in its title. Richard M. Nixon’s dastardly Committee for the Re-election of the President (CREEP) seems rather innocuous compared to the Obama courtiers who set the IRS dogs onto political opponents. 

If the Obama administration has been unremittingly hard on its domestic adversaries...the same cannot not be said of its munificent attitude to Islamist Iran, Islamist Turkey, [Muslim Brotherhood] Islamist Egypt and every Muslim Brotherhood-related entity that profited from the so-called Arab Spring. 

There was always the hope Obama might learn something about the limitations of his Muslim Outreach after the unfortunate turn of events in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, but not even the Benghazi fiasco seems to have cured The One of his hubris. Only last week he appointed Susan Rice, the Bagdad Bob of Benghazi, as his National Security Adviser. This was, unfortunately, entirely consistent with his decision six months ago to make John Kerry the new Secretary of State.... 

How to make sense of Team Obama’s disconnect with reality? 

The key to understanding Obama’s modus operandi is the dogma of the New Left. This radical creed, along with 

drives the current presidency. In foreign-policy terms, at any rate, it might be summarised as follows: Israel is the ultimate source of Middle East volatility  "Third World radicalism, however antithetical to liberal-democratic precepts, is helpful in the advancement of a harmonious global community; and, American hegemony is the root cause of international conflagrations, from the Cold War to 9/11."... 

Team Obama's great conceit is that it knows what makes the Middle East tick. In Jerusalem, for instance, Kerry blustered: “We are family. I get you, I understand you, I know where you are coming from.” Alas, Obama’s administration “gets” the people of Israel no better than it “gets” anyone else in the Middle East. Kerry spoke about the Arab Spring causing the demise of regional “autocrats” and heralding new opportunities, as if causing the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Cairo was a good thing for Israel, let alone for those in Egypt who value their liberty.... 

These days not only are conservatives wondering what game Barack Obama is playing. The [Editorial Board] editorial in the June 6, 2013, edition of The New York Times accused the Obama administration of having "lost all credibility" on the subject of state surveillance, after reports emerged last week of the National Security Agency and the FBI flagrantly misusing the Patriotic Act. No longer is the Tea Party alone in fearing unwarranted government scrutiny....

The President of the United States appears to have declared peace in the world and war on Americans."...

"Daryl McCann, a frequent Quadrant and Quadrant Online contributor, also blogs" 

Added: President Trump's "compliant predecessor" Obama could be counted on to sell out and humiliate US citizens he supposedly represented:

7/9/2017, "Trump vs. Obama in the Middle East," Quadrant, Daryl McCann 

"On climate change and other issues, Donald Trump has departed the G20 summit at odds with much of the world. That was to be expected, given his compliant predecessor is much missed by Merkel and Co. Nowhere are the two presidents' differences greater than in the Middle East.

Both Barack Obama and Donald Trump began their presidencies with outreach to the Islamic worldand that, with one exception, is where the similarities between their respective Middle East doctrines begin and end.  

President Obama’s Cairo Address could almost have been written by a Muslim Brotherhood scribe, blaming as he did the anti-West “tensions” in the Muslim world on European colonialism and Cold War machinations that treated Muslim-majority countries as “proxies without regard to their own aspirations”. Additionally, American-style “modernity and globalisation” caused “many Muslims to view the West as hostile to the traditions of Islam”. The only thing omitted from his mea culpa was Christendom’s involvement in the Crusades. It was, naturally, Islam that paved the way “for Europe’s Renaissance and Enlightenment”."...

Baton Rouge, 8/12/16, AP

8/19/16, "Obama irks La. flood victims with memo warning them not to discriminate," Washington Times, Valerie Richardson 

"President Obama has refused so far to survey the Louisiana flood disaster, but he did let state and local officials know that he’s watching to make sure they don’t engage in racial discrimination.

In a 16-page guidance issued Tuesday (August 16, 2016), the Obama administration, led by the Justice Department, warned Louisiana recipients of federal disaster assistance against engaging in “unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin (including limited English proficiency).

The guidance’s frameworks “highlight the importance of complying with nondiscrimination requirements of civil rights statutes, addressing the needs of the whole community, and ensuring equal opportunity to access recovery efforts.”

Needless to say, some Louisiana residents were offended, including the American Conservative’s Rod Dreher, who took umbrage at receiving an anti-discrimination lecture from Washington, D.C., as locals struggle to rescue, house and feed their neighbors.

“[E]verywhere you look you can find black folks and white folks loving on each other, helping each other through this crisis,” Mr. Dreher said in a Thursday post.

He referred to the guidance as a “long bureaucratic memo” issued by the “Department of Justice and many other agencies of the executive branch overseen by He Who Cannot Be Troubled to Leave Martha’s Vineyard.”...

The administration guidance cited instances of discrimination in Gulf Coast states after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita in 2005, such as “numerous media reports [that] showed images of African Americans stranded on roofs in New Orleans.”

“These images exposed significant inequalities in access to emergency response and recovery efforts,” said the guidance.

The memo also cited an ad aimed at evacuees saying that the renter preferred “two white females.” 

Mr. Dreher said...that residents knee-deep in rescue efforts don’t appreciate being painted with the administration’s broad brush. 

He quoted an email from a local named Jimmy who said, “Not many things get me seething, but this does,” calling Obama administration officials “dividers instead of uniters.”  

Look no further than this ‘guidance’ press release telling us in the middle of it to be sure not to be racist, y’all, said the email.

 “Meanwhile, our President enjoys golfing and Martha’s Vineyard and sunny skies. No visits, not even that reviled [George W.] Bush flyover. Just politically motivated, radically laced memos.” 

More than 40,000 homes were damaged during the flooding, sparked by thunderstorms and a low-pressure system that began Aug. 5, which the Red Cross has described as the worst natural disaster since Superstorm Sandy in 2012."

1st image: Louisiana floods, Obama won't stop golfing in overwhelmingly white Martha's Vineyard (artistic rendering, not actual photo, author unknown)

2nd image caption: "A member of the St. George Fire Department assists residents as they wade through floodwaters from heavy rains in the Chateau Wein Apartments in Baton Rouge, La., Friday, Aug. 12, 2016. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)"

Obama's 16-page racial guidance memo warns Louisiana residents who might be thinking about being racist that the federal government and its high priced attorneys will be watching. If citizens do turn out to be racist, their town could be forced to pay more than $5 million in damages and attorneys' fees as happened to a town near New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. 

Excerpt from 16-page racial guidance memo sent by Obama administration to Louisiana on August 16. It notes allegations of inequality against your town can result in "attorneys' fees." After Katrina, St. Bernard Parish (near New Orleans) "ultimately paid more than $5 million in damages and attorneys' fees to settle the cases. 14"...
page 4: "For example, in the days after Hurricane Katrina made landfall, numerous media reports showed images of African Americans stranded on roofs in New Orleans. These images exposed significant inequalities in access to emergency response and recovery efforts. More than one-third of New Orleans’s African American population did not own cars and over 15% of the city’s residents relied on public transportation. 11

Yet, those planning for Katrina appeared to assume most people could rely on personal vehicles to evacuate and failed to consider the transportation needs of all segments of the population. Identifying the needs of the transit-dependent community and then addressing those needs in emergency planning can reduce or eliminate racial and ethnic, as well as economic, disparities in emergency response and recovery activities. 

Nondiscriminatory access to housing and shelters in the aftermath of Katrina also posed a major challenge for diverse racial and ethnic communities. Many seeking temporary housing immediately encountered discriminatory rental advertisements that explicitly refused to rent to African Americans.12  For example, an advertisement on a website designed to reach Katrina evacuees read: “Provider will provide room and board for $400 but prefers two white females.”

Evidence collected by fair housing testers found that in 66% of all tests, White persons were favored over African American persons seeking housing using contacts available to Katrina evacuees. 13 

A federal court found evidence of intentional discrimination in actions by St. Bernard Parish, which neighbors New Orleans, when the parish sought to restrict rental housing opportunities, including actions to halt the development of rental housing and enacting a permit requirement for single-family rentals that exempted renters who were “related by blood” to the homeowners.

Additionally, the parish changed zoning rules to reduce the availability of rental housing, which was widely perceived in the parish as being planned to house African Americans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Because of these actions, the parish faced a HUD-initiated investigation, a DOJ lawsuit, and several private lawsuits alleging violations of the Fair Housing Act and it ultimately paid more than $5 million in damages and attorneys' fees to settle the cases. 14"...




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