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After decades of being ignored, 63 million Americans voted for Trump to restore a balanced economy which is what he's doing and without which we won't have a country. Fox Business is flat out lying-The Last Refuge, sundance


Above, Ice fishing in Saginaw, Michigan, 1/28/18, "The Paul Simon city that turned to Trump," BBC News, Owen Amos, Saginaw, Michigan. Saginaw River photo, BBC

Above, tattered American flag flies over heating business in Youngstown, Ohio, photo Washington Post, 4/5/2017

3/1/18, "Prepare – MAGAnomics Is The Battle – The Restoration of a Balanced Economy is The Goal," tcth, sundance

"For those who follow closely the strongest argument against the U.S. trade and economic policies of the past 30 years has been the outcome. We don’t need to guess what the pro’s and con’s of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce position is, we are living them. We don’t need to guess what the Wall Street economy delivers, we are living through them.

For the past 30 years the U.S. has lost jobs, wages have been depressed, and the middle-class has suffered through the implementation of economic trade policy that destroyed the U.S. manufacturing base. None of this is in question – the results stare us in the face – yet the Wall Street and multinational corporate club(s) [U.S. CoC chief among them] now demand a continuance of the same.

Trump in Youngstown, Ohio, 3/14/16

Image: On eve of 2016 Ohio GOP primary: "Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally at Winner Aviation in Youngstown, Ohio, March 14, 2016. Reuters/Aaron P. Bernstein"

The economic and trade policies of the Trump administration are adverse to those interests. As we have shared for several years, candidate Trump, now President Trump is an existential threat to the multinational program.
All opposition to President Trump is about the underlying financial and economic policy of America-First. There are trillions at stake. Those who have read here will note the media are generally oblivious to America-First economic policies; this includes the financial media. 

As an example today they are trying to figure out how Steel/Aluminum tariffs would work. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross stated clearly exactly how the Steel and Aluminum policy would be carried out; yet for the financial media they claim to be clueless. The level of intellectual dishonesty is off-the-charts. 

The truth is, well, two points: •Point #1 – the media don’t want to know; they are committed to selling the prior policy. •Point #2 there’s almost no-one within the professional economic punditry class who have ever given thought to what happens during the space between two fundamentally different economic policies as executed.

What happens in the space between taking the U.S. economy off the path of ‘service-driven-globalism’, and reasserting the economy back to a balanced ‘production-based national economy’? None of the key participants within the larger discussion have ever contemplated this dynamic.

CTH is one of the few, perhaps the only source, who has gamed-out MAGAnomics.

Allow me to re-emphasize: 
  •  All opposition to President Trump stems from the underlying financial and economic policy. All opposition is about money!
When you ask the “why” question five times you end up discovering the financial motive for all opposition. It doesn’t matter who the group is; the opposition is ultimately about money. There are trillions at stake.

When Main Street economic principles are applied Wall Street will initially lose. There’s no way for this not to happen. Most of Wall Street is built on the Multinational platform of economic globalism

Weaken the grip of the multinational corporations and financial interests on the U.S. economy and Wall Street will drop…this is not difficult to predict. This is also necessary.

U.S. stocks, centered around U.S. domestic companies, will go up. U.S. stocks, centered around multinational companies, will go down.

As Secretary Wilbur Ross, U.S.T.R. Robert Lighthizer and U.S. President Trump have previously affirmed, they are going to restore the U.S. manufacturing and production economy -OR- lose office trying.

The U.S. Steel and Aluminum tariffs are just one component of the larger economic issue. Bringing back U.S. production on those sectors is vital to the infrastructure of a manufacturing and production economy.

Additional steps will come from exits of NAFTA and renegotiated trade deals with ASEAN nations, China and Europe. We either have a stable broad-base economy, or we follow the former path and eventually lose the country.

On the specifics of inflation, we have discussed this issue at great length. As stated three years ago, inflation will happen within this cycle –especially in the space between the policy as constructed– however, it will not affect the larger economic restoration because the growth of U.S. wages will exceed the rising prices of durable goods…. AND simultaneously energy prices and high-consumable goods’ prices (food, fuel) will drop. [Exit NAFTA and U.S. food prices will drop 25% within a year]

In this transitional phase (the space between) wage growth will remain ahead of aggregate inflation. No former economic models have any way to measure or gauge this dynamic. We have never been between two entirely different sets of economic policy before. No amount of immediate fed monetary policy will effect what happens on Main Street in this “space between” the two economies."...

"“Manufacturing in U.S. Expands at Fastest Pace Since May 2004”
 — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 1, 2018"

"“Consumer Confidence in February Highest Since November 2000”

Twitter image above via tcth


"A new political force in America was unleashed on Tuesday." (11/2016)

11/13/2016, "The Political World After Trump’s Win," Joe Lauria, Consortium News

"The Democratic Party’s long sojourn into corporate-friendly politics--and neglect of its old working-class base--has led to the shocking result of an erratic and untested outsider becoming President."...

"A new political force in America was unleashed on Tuesday and how the Democratic Party reacts to it could determine its future as a major party. Millions of discontented Americans who have lost out to the computerization and the globalization of the economy – and who have been disproportionately called on to fight America’s “regime change” wars – have made clear that they aren’t going to take it anymore. And any party or politician going forward better listen or they will be tossed out, too, including Donald Trump if he doesn’t deliver."...


Among comments on this topic at Free Republic:

"Set aside Boeing exports, and we are basically just a consumer market for the global mercantile powers, in that we import value-added manufactured and engineered products and export raw materials and agricultural products. 

Some of these farm state Republicans are the worst in that they support importing third world populations for the cheap labor and maintaining our status as a raw materials/crops colony for manufacturing powers like China, because the farm states grow the crops.

Maintaining our status as a consumer market and resource colony for China and other countries requires huge amounts of debt at both the government and consumer level to maintain the consumer spending power.

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