Monday, February 20, 2017

Why self-appointed gatekeepers in the media are unable to take down Trump: Rush Limbaugh interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News, Sun., Feb. 19, 2017


2/19/17, "Rush Limbaugh: "The Media did not make Donald Trump, and they can't destroy him"," Rush Limbaugh with Chris Wallace on Fox News


Added: From Pat Caddell: 

On reporters: "Let me tell you something about the press: Reporters become reporters and don’t enter the political fray because, basically, they can’t stand the heat."...Yet, "they now have made the decision they will control the political process."

Media Have Become “Enemy of the American People”, says former Democrat pollster Pat Caddell, 9/21/2012. Says Romney in 2012 should've said, "I'm running against the media which will not tell you the truth."-Sept. 21, 2012 

Sept. 2012 article:

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