Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rep. Paul Ryan Gets A Primary Challenge in Wisconsin from Businessman Paul Nehlen-and with it our full support-tcth, sundance

3/30/16, "Paul Ryan Gets A Primary Challenge from Businessman Paul Nehlen…" tcth, sundance 

"And with it, our full support! I doubt there is a more succinct example of what is wrong within the entire corrupted body politic than to see Mr. No-Budget/Omnibus House Speaker Paul Ryan give a speech at CPAC and attendees giving him a standing ovation. If that represents “modern conservatism” the entire definition is askew, I don’t want such an affiliation....

Are you aware our Republican house and Senate no longer keep track of the national debt? If not, why not? Getting caught up on definitions of “torture” maybe. Or was it the confederate flag that made you stop paying attention.

President Obama is the first president in U.S. history to go through his entire presidency (two terms) without a federal budget on entry, or a federal budget on exit. Obama has NEVER had a single day in office with a federal budget.

Yet conservatives stood up at CPAC and gave Speaker of the House Paul Ryan a standing ovation. THINK ABOUT THAT!

That’s “Battered Conservative Syndrome”.

They want you, me, us, focused on ridiculous smaller-albeit important- but far less significant issues, like defunding planned parenthood, etc. Meanwhile, those same leaders passed a $2+ Trillion Omnibus, and wiped out the federal debt ceiling.

Those same congressional leaders voted to approve a $1 trillion spending bill (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act), or Stimulus”, which has been spent seven consecutive times, in seven consecutive fiscal years, because of the absence of a budget, and the baseline budgetary approach to spending....

Obamacare, yes ObamaCare, is being carried with these funds so the “battered conservatives” don’t actually identify the economic impact of said ObamaCare. Yes, that means, in essence, that hundreds of billions, maybe trillions, were delivered directly to insurance companies via programs like the risk corridor guarantees, etc. Nice trick eh?

Of course you would find out if they had to use a normal budgetary process. But they don’t. So you didn’t. See how that works?...

We are fighting the UniParty."...


Paul Nehlen is running against Rep. Paul Ryan in Wisconsin District 1


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