Sunday, December 22, 2013

UK Labor leader speaks out on plight of Christians in Middle East and Africa-UK Telegraph

12/21/13, "Christian freedoms are worth fighting for," UK Telegraph

"Before 2003, there were over one million Christians in Iraq. Today, there are as few as 200,000"

"In today’s paper we carry a welcome and, frankly, remarkable commentary by Douglas Alexander, the shadow foreign secretary. It stands out not just as a passionate plea for the human rights of Christians living overseas but also because it comes from a leading member of the Labour Party. It would seem that Labour has decided that it does “do God” after all."...  

12/21/13, "Douglas Alexander: Christians left by the world to suffer," UK Telegraph, Douglas Alexander

"The Government must do more to address the threat to Christians abroad." via Lucianne


Comment: I'm very happy to blame Bush for killing and driving Christians out of Iraq. Nothing was done to stop it after Bush left. And it's going on everywhere now.


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