Saturday, December 28, 2013

Australian Global Warming research team still trapped in ever-growing Antarctic ice. Helicopter rescue couldn't take place because of too much snow. Not a problem for Adelie penguins-NBC News

"The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), which is coordinating the rescue, said the Aurora Australis was expected to reach the trapped research ship on Sunday around 12:00 GMT. The powerful icebreaker can cut ice up to 1.6m (5.2ft) thick..."...

12/28/13, "Stranded ship awaits Australian ice-breaker in Antarctic,", By Daniella Silva and Alexander Smith

"NBC's Martin Fletcher reported that a helicopter Snow Dragon had on deck could possibly ferry passengers aboard the ship, but currently the aircraft could not take off because of the snow....

(Global Warming professor and CO2 entrepreneur) Turney told NBC News on Friday the Snow Dragon had encountered "multi-layered ice, two-plus meters thick (6.5 feet)," but with weather conditions now getting worse the ice was now said to be more than ten-feet deep."...

Adelie penguins near global warming research vessel trapped in East Antarctic ice.

12/29/13, "And they have some curious neighbours," BBC caption to Adelie penguins photo


12/27/13, "White Christmas: High spirits on trapped ship," CNN, Naomi Ng

Image of Adelie penguins by global warming professor and expedition leader, Chris Turney, 12/26/13


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