Friday, May 20, 2011

Entire state of Nevada given ObamaCare waiver, announced late Friday, joins several other states

It's reported that several other states have been given waivers for this life saving legislation: Tennessee, New Jersey, Ohio, Florida, Maine, with New Hampshire and Kentucky pending.

5/18/11, "Entire state of Nevada scores ObamaCare waiver," The Policy Racket, Fox Nation

"The Health and Human Services Department announced late Friday that Nevada had secured a statewide waiver from certain implementation requirements of the Obama administration's health care law, because forcing them through, the department found, "may lead to the destabilization of the individual market."

The announcement makes Nevada one of only three states to have compliance requirements under the health care bill waived.

Nevada's Insurance Division had appealed to the feds to reduce the federal requirement that health plans serving people who buy insurance on their own must spend at least 80 percent of the money they collect on medical expenses. Under the national rule, companies that don't spend that percentage of revenue on medical costs have to cut policyholders rebate checks

  • starting this year."

3/8/11, "Maine gets break in federal health care overhaul," AP

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