Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boston Globe forced to issue correction after printing left wing blog chatter as actual news about Sen. Scott Brown

5/23/11, "Political Intelligence, Correction," Boston Globe

"A Political Intelligence entry on Sunday incorrectly attributed to Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown a statement about the House Republican budget that appeared on a left-leaning news and opinion website, Talking Points Memo. The entry inaccurately presented the Talking Points Memo statement as a direct quotation by the Republican senator, while the statement was actually Talking Points Memo's interpretation of the senator's position."


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"Leprechaun57 wrote:
This is The Globe being The Globe...a collection of biased, unprincipled Leftists. Everyone knows this to be true.
5/23/2011 8:28 PM EDT

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jeb9300 wrote:
Let's see. You take something from TPM and you say it's a quote from Sen. Brown. And you call your column "Political Intelligence"? How about "Abject Stupidity"?"

I have no interest in Scott Brown so I'm not looking up further details on this. As Rush Limbaugh has said, "The Boston Globe makes the NY Times look like Romper Room" regarding its bias. ed.

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