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3 US government officials need to step forward. In July 2018 these 3 hijacked OPCW Douma investigations. US needed a lie to “justify” continued illegal US taxpayer funded occupation and bombing of Syria, support for Islamic terrorists, and suffering of innocent Syrians

11/15/19, The OPCW and Douma: Chemical Weapons Watchdog Accused of Evidence-Tampering by Its Own Inspectors,” Jonathan Steele, Counterpunch
On July 4 [2018]…[then OPCW boss Bob] Fairweather [a British career diplomat], the chef de cabinet, invited several members of the [OPCW] drafting team to his office. There they found three US officials [not with OPCW] who were cursorily introduced without making clear which US agencies they represented. The Americans told them [OPCW investigators] emphatically that the Syrian regime had conducted a gas attack, and that the two cylinders found on the roof and upper floor of the building contained 170 kilograms of chlorine. The [OPCW] inspectors left Fairweather’s office, feeling that the invitation to the Americans to address them was unacceptable pressure and a violation of the OPCW’s declared principles of independence and impartiality. Two days later the interim report was released. That morning, Alex recalled, “a senior colleague told us: ‘…for the OPCW’s credibility we have to have a smoking gun”….Fairweather asked the inspectors if he could get back the emails of complaint, including any which had been put into the trash folder. They complied.”.. 

“For the record the US government already has a known history of bullying the OPCW, an ostensibly independent and international body, to force it to allow the advancement of pre-existing regime change agendas.”….....


[Image, Bolton and Bush bullied OPCW over fake WMD claims so they could destroy Iraq]

Image: Cylinder on a bed, Douma, April 2018, location #4, via Moon of Alabama: “2.3 Results: Location 4: The analysis of Location 4, where a cylinder was found on a bed, showed that the cylinder with intact valve and fins attached could not have fitted through the hole in the roof: it was not possible to establish a set of circumstances where the post-deformation cylinder could fit through the crater with the valve still intact (whether or not an end-cap was assumed to have been fitted at the front end of the cylinder), and the fins deformed in the manner observed.”…"Why is cylinder#1 undamaged if it has been dropped by a helicopter? Why is the bed under the cylinder#1 undamaged?”

Above, from video of cylinder on bed in Douma, Syria supposedly as proof of “chemical attack,” via Intercept analysis video, at 3:00]



Added: 11/16/19, "OPCW Whistleblowers: Management Manipulated Reports - Douma 'Chemical Weapon Attack' Was Staged," Moon of Alabama
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