Thursday, May 31, 2018

Trey Gowdy's interviews were a mess. He conflated counter intelligence and criminal operations-commenter

5/30/18, "Trey Gowdy’s Recent Activity Highlights Deep State Action Against Devin Nunes," tcth, sundance 

Among comments

"kan says:

2) This was a counter intelligence operation. 

*They were not “spies” but “informants”. 
*Informants are used in criminal investigations (according to Gowdy). 

*He said he only knew of the term “spies” being used in espionage cases. 

*What is a counter intelligence operation if not an espionage investigation?

Or, obversely, if truly informants then it is a criminal investigation

Which is it? 

If both, then see number 1 above....

1) Mueller is not investigating Trump. But he only knows the same thing about Mueller’s scope as we do. Yea- 3/4 of it are redacted. It does not exclude Trump. Also, if not after Trump why the Mueller leaks of interviewing Sessions for possible Trump obstruction? Why is Manafort being prosecuted for banking crimes crimes from 2005-2014 by SC [Special Counsel] office and not EDVA office [Eastern District of Virginia]? Why similar crimes in DC district by SC office not local USAGs [US Atty. Gens]?"


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