Friday, May 11, 2018

Fact check: Obama's own State Dept. letter confirms so-called Iran "nuclear deal" is not signed. It "is not a treaty or an executive agreement, and is not a signed document." It "reflects political commitments"-Nov. 19, 2015, State Dept. letter from Julia Frifield

Nov. 19, 2015, Letter to then Rep. Mike Pompeo (full letter posted below, click to enlarge):

Julia Frifield
Assistant Secretary 
Legislative Affairs 

United States Department of State


Added: Iran President said no need for Iran to sign nuclear deal, would turn into legal obligation and place unnecessary restrictions on Iranian people-AP, 8/29/2015

8/29/2015, "Rowhani: no need for parliament vote on nuke deal," AP, via, Tehran 

"President Hassan Rowhani said Saturday he opposes a parliamentary vote on the landmark nuclear deal reached with world powers because terms of the agreement would turn into legal obligations if passed by lawmakers."...

[Ed. note: No "landmark nuclear deal" was reached by "world powers" because Iran didn't sign anything, is free to do whatever it wants with its nuclear industry.]

[Image: Iranians deceived into celebrating something that doesn't exist. No "deal" was "struck" with "world powers" because Iran signed nothing]. Image caption: "Many Iranians celebrated in the streets after Tehran's nuclear negotiating team struck a deal with world powers in Vienna last month [July 2015] (AFP)

(continuing): "Rowhani told a news conference that the deal was a political understanding reached with the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany, not a pact requiring parliamentary approval. The deal also says Iran would implement the terms voluntarily, he said. 

The historic deal calls for limiting Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting economic sanctions."...

[Ed. note: False. It's neither "historic" nor a "deal." Iran has signed nothing. US congress has signed nothing. Extremely damaging lies hype something that doesn't exist.]

(continuing): "“If the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is sent to (and passed by) [Iran's] parliament, it will create an obligation for the government. it will mean the president, who has not signed it so far, will have to sign it,” Rowhani said. Why should we place an unnecessary legal restriction on the Iranian people?”

A special committee of parliament has already begun studying the deal before putting it to a vote. But the legality of such a move is in doubt because the government has not prepared a bill for parliament to vote on.

The president said a parliamentary vote would benefit the U.S. and its allies, not Iran.

Rowhani said the Supreme National Security Council, the country’s highest security decision-making body, was almost finished analyzing the agreement. The council works independently from the parliament."


Comment: Building up this massive lie had a guaranteed outcome: more hate and danger for all Americans. This was fine with the entire US political class. With its daily access to microphones, the US political class could easily have made clear to the American people and rest of the world that no "nuclear deal" existed because Iran never signed one. For the past 3 years the political class has opted not to make this clear.


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