Monday, July 17, 2017

Trump will betray US voters and put US taxpayer dollars back in global money laundering operation known as Paris Climate deal. Trump has been influenced by powerful business interests and politicians. In a possible sign of complete mental breakdown, Trump is said to agree with French Pres. that human CO2 contributes to terrorism-Times of London, GWPF...(Trump makes us global slaves again, stabs Forgotten Man in the back with genocidal, America Last CO2 fraud invented by US politicians with access to unlimited US taxpayer dollars)

7/17/17, "Trump Will Betray U.S. Voters On Climate and Reverse Paris Exit, Macron Predicts," The London Times, Charles Bremner, via GWPF

"“Donald Trump listened to me. He understood the sense of my approach,” the French leader said after the state visit to Paris ended on Friday. “He told me that he would try to find a solution in the coming months. We talked in detail about what could enable him to come back into the Paris accords.”... 

During the G7 summit in Italy in May, Mr Trump refused to endorse the Paris agreement. However, during his visit last week, he said: “Something could happen with respect to the Paris accord . . . but we will talk about that over the coming period of time.”

Mr Macron told Le Journal du Dimanche that Mr Trump had been influenced by the way that American city officials and business leaders had continued to support the agreement and that he understood the French argument that climate change contributed to terrorism. Mr Macron believes that extreme weather is worsening the migration crisis and provoking conflict over dwindling resources."...via Climate Depot

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Comment: Trump should rot in hell for even dignifying the genocidal invention of imaginary CO2 danger with any conversation whatsoever. In 1990 George HW Bush established massive climate spending in the Executive branch, mandating US taxpayers to fund the world's imaginary global climate matters in perpetuity. By any definition, this converts US taxpayers into global slaves. CO2 danger is of course based on demonizing Americans which it does with the enthusiastic help of the US political class. Targeting a group like this, forcing it to starve itself, is the definition of genocide. Demonizing and starving Americans is now a $4 billion a day business globally. Slavery works.





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