Monday, July 3, 2017

Anti-Trump terrorist in Philadelphia sucker punched policeman in the head knocking him to the sidewalk. One anti-Trump terrorist arrested had bomb making materials which were confiscated by Bomb Squad. Peaceful Trump supporter was punched in the face and given split lip per Police Dept. report-Philly Voice, 7/3/17

Following article includes Philadelphia, Pa. police report on events of Sun., July 2, 2017. Headline of the article refers to one "jumped" individual whose injuries may have been from a separate incident not referenced in the police report below:

7/3/17, "Trump supporter talks about getting jumped by three men after rallies,", Brian Hickey 

(parag. 5): "Antifa, short for anti-fascism, is that says its mission is to "monitor and confront fascism, racism, and oppression of all kinds." Its web site makes it clear that members were planning to confront Trump supporters on Sunday, but it unknown at this point whether the assailants were members of the group....

(parag. 10): "Sure enough, there were a trio of arrests. Here’s the Philadelphia Police Department’s release on that:

On Sunday, July 2, 2017, at 12:43 PM, Officer(s) assigned to the Trump protest at 16th and Cuthbert Sts., and was making an arrest of a male Offender #2 who was seen punching a Trump supporter (31/W/M), in the face and pulling the American flag from him.
While arresting Offender #2,  an Officer was intentionally hit from behind by Offender #1, striking the officer in his left shoulder and back, knocking the Officer over hitting the sidewalk, in the attempt to keep the Officer from arresting Offender #2. Other officers on the detail quickly apprehended Offender #2.
A third male, Offender #3 was also being arrested at the same time, for punching the same Trump supporter in the face, splitting his lip.
While arresting Offender #3 he resisted arrest, and found in his possession were two flares, and a plastic bag of potassium chlorate. Those items were confiscated by the Bomb Squad. The Officer sustained a cut on his knee and shoulder pain.
Offender #1:  Daniel Vieira, 32 W/M, from New Haven, CT.          
Offender # 2 Christopher Sheerin, 33 W/M from (the city's Lawncrest section)
Offender # 3 Shawn Menne, 40 W/M, from (the city's Spruce Hill section)"

But those arrests were separate from the assault Caplan says left him with six staples in his head."...


Comment: I appreciate the author of the above Philly Voice article including the Philadelphia police dept. release. The release described actions of anti-Trump terrorists including that one sucker punched a police officer in the head causing him to fall to the pavement (such falls are always potentially fatal), and that another had bomb making materials with him (intended for mass murder or injury). Either of these two anti-Trump terrorists could be described as having attempted murder or mass murder. This information should be the lede in any reporting about the day. But it wasn't for the author of the Philly Voice article above. To put it mildly, he buried the lede. Attempted murder doesn't interest him in this case. His headline and opening paragraphs guide readers not to sucker punching a policeman in the head from behind (potentially murder), bomb making materials in possession of an anti-Trump rioter (potentially mass murder) but rather that Trump supporters, as exemplified by one the author came across, should be mocked, ridiculed, shown to be mentally deranged, so that nothing they say nor accounts of injuries they sustain should be taken too seriously. Readers' attention is diverted from the fact that being in the presence of anti-Trump rioters could cause their death.


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