Monday, June 26, 2017

To the Meathead: The Democracy you say you want to save gives you regular opportunities to do so. They're called elections. Upon hearing famous people incite "all out war," troubled persons, perhaps with substance abuse problems, may be encouraged to assassinate Republicans at baseball practice

6/25/17, "Violent rhetoric alert: MEATHEAD Rob Reiner declares ‘all out war’ to stop Trump’s ‘treason’," Twitchy, Greg P.

"Remember last week when a Bernie Sanders supporter attempted to assassinate a bunch of Republicans playing baseball? We do.

But it seems television Rob “Meathead” Reiner missed those news reports as calling for an "all out war" because of Trump's "treason" is just the kind of violent rhetoric we don’t need right now."....

Comment: P.S. To the Meathead: If by "Fox says" you mean "someone on Fox News says," why do you care what anyone on Fox News says about anything? Television news is a waste of time. Internet only.


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