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Fox News and Rupert Murdoch are just part of massive apparatus being exposed and confronted by Trump on our behalf on a daily basis to ensure a strong, free, independent US-TCTH, sundance

1/26/16, "URGENT REMINDER: Why Donald Trump Battles The Fox News Machine," TCTH, sundance
"Candidate Donald Trump has now taken enough positions for us to clearly identify that he is indeed our friend, and as a consequence their enemy. Just look at what he has exposed in the two months
since he announced. He’s done this simply by putting sunlight on issues and taking firm stances that all others in/around the same issues have apparently lied about for years....

If victorious, Trump will carry the biggest and boldest mandate EVER....

What value lies within victory, if the reason for being victorious is open to interpretation?...When Trump shows up to the White House, there won’t be anyone in DC who doesn’t know exactly why he’s there....

Donald Trump, a serious student of the entire decades long game, is waging a 360° war against the entire GOPe apparatus, on every single level of its construct. And yes, that also means the monolithic media empire which facilitates all of the aforementioned usurpations.

Donald Trump is campaigning against EVERY ADVERSE INTEREST to the U.S.A. This is the essential underpinning of the “Make America Great Again” campaign.

Those adverse interests are both outside and inside our borders. He’s intent on tearing down the machine, all of it. By now that should be obvious to everyone.

In that regard, Rupert Murdoch FOX owner is part of the problem. So too Roger Ailes Fox News President is also part of the problem….again, their interests – i.e., elect Jeb Bush- are antithetical to those of a restored, strong, free and independent U.S.

Jeb Bush, Murdoch, 12/1/14 WSJ dinner

Mitch McConnell, Rupert Murdoch, The RNC, Roger Ailes, Tom Donohue, Wall Street et al, are all part of the apparatus simultaneously being confronted.

Trump is talking about, and, well, actually he’s doing more than talking about it, he’s taking on BIG ideological entities that have embedded themselves inside the body politic.

It’s often a painful exhibition to watch a surgeon cut clear margins out of an infected patient. And it definitely ain’t pretty when you have to do it on a battlefield in the midst of an ideological war.

This is the backdrop for Donald Trump taking on Fox News, and as a consequence Rupert Murdoch through Roger Ailes and Murdoch’s princess, Megyn Kelly. Just like exposing the real motivation behind the RNC, or Mitch McConnell, or the NRSC in 2014’s Mississippi primary, Trump is exposing the sordid and corrupt world of the U.S. legacy media.

However, better than merely exposing them, he’s taking them head-on.

Trump would rather face an enemy who genuinely opposes him, MSNBC and CNN, than deal with the likes of a enemy who puts on the mask of being favorable toward him while simultaneously working diligently to eliminate him. (Remember Brutus?)...

Obviously, a level of media dishonesty was dragged front and center, in front of 24 million viewers, during the Fox News RNC/GOP debate. It was the severity of the dishonesty, the deceptive intent and the scope of the planning and forethought, that triggered the response. ENOUGH !...

After deciding it’s better to have an honest enemy, Mr. Trump is now in the position of tearing down the pillars of Roger Ailes creation. And, as evidence of Trumps’ strength therein, Roger Ailes’ responses reflect a reality that Ailes views this ENEMY, unlike any other enemy, because Trump holds Samson-like capabilities.

It’s not about Megyn Kelly per se’. It’s about taking the strongest most valuable part of Ailes organization, the one he has invested the most time, effort, energy and emotion with, and confronting that ‘golden goose’ first. Ailes would surely never respond the same way if it were a less valuable part of his business. Trump hits em’ where it hurts.

Appearances on CNN, MSNBC or the alphabets might seem antithetical to most GOP candidates who view Fox as a more direct channel to a specific audience. But Trump is saying he’d rather confront an honest opponent who he knows hates him, than walk into a dishonest interview unsure of their masked ‘angle’.

Trump is also showing the approach he would take if he is able to achieve victory and win the White House. Mitch McConnell will never be accepted as a representative leader, nor would John Boehner, neither could/would be trusted. Trump would dispatch their self-serving interests to the land of irrelevance and work around them.

Yes, that implies he’d use the bully pulpit against his own Republican leadership, if that was what’s needed to “Make America Great Again”. Prepare for it....

Donald Trump’s greatest weapon is not his money, his wealth, or his keen and astute business acumen, those are all simply tools he’s developed over a lifetime. No, his greatest weapon against these ideological foes is something we shared on the very first day of his candidacy….

… US !" 





Above from, "Trump Fight Song (Unofficial)," screen shot from video


Added: Link is now inactive to above 12/1/14 image of Wall St. Journal and Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch sitting next to his guy Jeb Bush at a yearly WSJ CEO dinner. Valerie Jarrett also pictured.

Source: 12/1/2014, "Valerie Jarrett, Rupert Murdoch, and Jeb Bush tonight at John Bussey, Wall St. Journal Associate Editor.

As of 1/27/16, John C. Bussey's twitter account still exists. But, every link I tried for the photo comes back "page doesn't exist." 


1/26/16, Fox News press release mocking Trump resembles something written by a blogger in his mother's basement:

"We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes presidenta nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings."

1/26/16, "Fox News Responds to Trump's Latest 'Twitter Poll' with First-Rate Trolling," MediaIte, Sam Reisman


Added: RNC donors and cronies are in charge of every detail of broadcast "debates." Broadcasters are merely employees hired and fired by the RNC. The DNC has the same role with its "debates:"

In 1988, Republican and Democrat parties took total control of televised debates including "selection of questioners, composition of the audience, hall access for the press and other issues."...That year, The League of Women Voters withdrew its sponsorship saying the debates had been rendered "a fraud on the American voter:"

10/3/1988, "League Refuses to "Help Perpetrate a Fraud," League of Women Voters, News Release,, Washington, DC


2008 article: US presidential "debates" are contrived by corporations and cronies:

9/18/2008, "Two-party debates," Center for Pubic Integrity, Josh Israel

"A Corporate-Funded, Party-Created Commission Decides Who Debates — and Who Stays Home"

"On the night of September 30, 2004, few of the estimated 62.4 million viewers watching President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry square off on national television likely took any notice when moderator Jim Lehrer announced, "These debates are sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates." Many voters tuning in for arguably the most important 90 minutes of the race probably didn't know what the Commission is, either: a largely secretive tax-exempt organization, created and run by former chairmen of the two major parties, funded by a small group of unidentified major donors, and designed, it seems, to exclude nearly all third-party candidates. 

The Commission began hosting televised debates in 1988."...



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