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Pope Francis tables climate report written by most trusted adviser and expert on kissing, Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez who authored book, "Heal me with your mouth, The art of kissing," in 1995

5/13/15, "Encyclicus Maculatus: Eco-Encyclical To Undergo Revision," The Radical Catholic

"According to Vaticanist Sandro Magister, Pope Francis has decided to postpone the publication of his long-awaited encyclical on the environment. The reason, according to Magister, is that the Pope realized that the document in its current state had no chance of receiving the approval of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith under the leadership of Cardinal Gerhard Müller. If it seems somewhat improper for a Cardinal to be telling a Pope what he can and can't write, don't fret, gentle reader: the text wasn't written by Pope Francis at all. .

The ghostwriter behind the heavily discussed encyclical is one Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernández of Tiburnia, a native of Buenos Aires. Archbishop Fernández, who belongs to Pope Francis' inner circle in the position of most trusted theological adviser, was already heavily involved in the writing of Evangelii gaudium, and spent the Summer of 2013 in Rome for that purpose. Last March, as Pope Francis set about to compose his Eco-Encyclical, Archbishop Fernández was again flown in to do the heavy lifting. The close working relationship apparently stretches back to the time when Pope Francis was still Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, with Fernández working largely behind the scenes, drafting the future Pontiff's important speeches and letters.  

However, it seems that Archbishop Fernández has let the influence he enjoyed over papal affairs go to his head. In an interview published in Corriere della Sera last Sunday, he took the current wave of Ultramontanism to new heights, implying that the Curia and the entire body of Cardinals are non-essential to the government of the Church - which, while technically true, is Vaticanese for "we will push ahead, with or without the Cardinals' blessing." He also felt safe enough to criticize Cardinal Müller's recent comments that his job as Prefect of the CDF is to give the Pope's magisterium theological structure:
I have read that some say that the Roman Curia is an essential part of the mission of the Church, or that a Prefect in the Vatican is the sure compass preventing the Church from falling into ignomy, or that this Prefect guarantees the unity of the Faith and facilitates serious theology from the Pope. But Catholics know from reading the Gospel that it was to the Pope and the Bishops that Christ granted a special governance and enlightenment - and not to a Prefect or some other structure. When one hears such things, one could almost get the impression that the Pope is merely their representative, or one who has come to disturb and must, therefore, be monitored. [...] The Pope is convinced that what he has written or said cannot be treated as an error. Therefore, all these things can be repeated in the future, without having to fear receiving a sanction for it.
We don't know how Cardinal Müller reacted to these sharp words, or whether, as Giuseppe Nardi surmises, he spoke directly with Pope Francis regarding the encylical, but Magister relates that sources inside Santa Marta are reporting that the Pope will not be publishing Archbishop Fernández' already completed text, and has - for the time being - tabled the entire project. It's clear that he can't let it disappear entirely without a tremendous loss of face in the public arena; UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, apparently moonlighting as a Vatican spokesman, has announced that the encyclical is set to appear in June of this year. But who will be behind the next incarnation of the encyclicus maculatus is anybody's guess."

"(NB: I would like to acknowledge the work of the tireless Giuseppe Nardi, without which this article could not have been written. See his treatment, in German, here.)"

Source: Pope Francis tables climate report written by his top theological adviser Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez, also author of "Heal me with your mouth, The art of kissing," published in 1995:

5/11/15, "And this would be the trusted theologian of the Pope?" Sandro Magister. (google translation from Italian)
"In the "magic circle" of the intimate of Pope Francis is definitely the number one Victor Manuel Frenandez, rector of the Universidad Católica Argentina in Buenos Aires and titular archbishop extinct site underground Tiburnia.

Or at least, it was number one until yesterday. Why the  interview he gave to "Corriere della Sera" on Sunday 10th May could mark the beginning of his downfall. Just see how the interview he dismisses all the Roman Curia and cardinals, a pope vagheggiando Salesman:
"The Vatican curia is not an essential structure. The Pope might as well go and live outside of Rome, have a ministry in Rome and another in Bogotá, and maybe connect by teleconference with experts of liturgy residing in Germany. Around the Pope what is there, in a theological sense, is the college of bishops to serve the people. [...] The same cardinal may disappear, in the sense that they are not essential."
Or head down as he rails against Cardinal Gerhard L. Müller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith:
"I have read that some say that the Roman Curia is an essential part of the mission of the Church, or a prefect of the Vatican is the compass safe that prevents the Church from falling into thinking light; or that the prefect ensures the unity of the faith and guarantee the pope a serious theology. But Catholics, reading the Gospel, know that Christ has secured a guide and a special lighting to the Pope and to all the bishops but not a prefect or to another structure. When they are told things like this it would almost seem that the pope was their agent, or one that has come to disturb and have it checked.  

[...] The pope is convinced that what has already been written or said can not be punished as an error. So, in the future everyone will be able to repeat those things without the fear of receiving sanctions ".  

The beauty is that to distill from the Rio de la Plata that his "summa" Fernández has troubled the interviewer's "Courier" making him fly across the Atlantic twice.
Because he passes as a great theologian, indeed, as the theologian of reference of Pope Francis, his advisor most distinguished, his ghostwriter since he was archbishop of Buenos Aires. In the summer of 2013 he settled in Rome with Francesco to write the "Evangelii Gaudium" ["The Joy of the Gospel"]; and again there was allocated last March in the week that the pope had been cropped to write the next encyclical on ecology. From Santa Marta it has transpired, however, that Francis has trashed the draft that Fernández had packed, perhaps foreboding, the pope, the cardinal Müller would then still demolished, once having received it in his hands. 
In fact, if you go to browse in book production of the theologian Fernández, it is to admit that years ago the congregation for Catholic education had more reason to reject his candidacy for the rector of the Universidad Católica Argentina, but then having to bow In 2009, at the behest of the Archbishop of Buenos Aires.
The first book that revealed to the world the genius of Fernández is " Sáname con tu boca. El arte de besar , "published in 1995 by Lumen with this presentation made ​​by the author to the reader: 
"I explain that this book was written based on my personal experience as the lives of the people kissing. In these pages I want to summarize the popular sentiment, what people feel when they think of a kiss, what mortals feel when kissing. For this reason I spoke at length with many people who have a lot of experience in this field, and also with many young people who learn to kiss their way. I have also consulted many books and I wanted to show how the poets speak of the kiss. So, in order to synthesize the immense richness of life came these pages in favor of the kiss, which I hope will help to kiss better, that you push to release a kiss in the best of your being." 
Then came other books that best fit its role as a theologian and cleric, for example, in 2006, for types of San Pablo, the 300 pages of " Theology encarnada espiritual ".
Yet even this is his magnum opus stumbled in recent weeks in a mishap Boccaccio.
In a serialized soap opera entitled "Esperanza mía", broadcast on channel 13 of the Argentine television, starring a young priest who seduces a nun and she begins with a love story, a convict to the seduction it was the cited volume duct Fernández, repeatedly peeled and read in its pages more tempting.
This is the background of bold interview Fernández to "Courier", with shooting at point-blank against Cardinal Müller.
Which Müller, for saying he wants to " structure theologically "the papacy, as per its statutory role, has now become the number one target of ultrabergogliani the" magic circle "and" Vatican Insider "for some time rather nervous.
One of them, Gianni Valente, has done everything possible to snatch a condemnation of the cardinal prefect of the renowned Dominican theologian Benoît-Dominique de La Soujeole, interviewed as was an inquisitor, without away from a spider hole even after the umpteenth question thesis:
D. - The idea of ​​a papacy deficient from the point of view of the "theological structure" contains a reverberation of the old medieval theories on the assumption of "heretical pope"?
R. - I do not think. Structuring theological mentioned Cardinal Müller, for as I understand the term, is an active partnership to the specific ministry of the pope.
And Pope Francis? Should now choose between Fernández and Müller would know him already with whom alone, without anyone to teach him." 


More about book, "Heal me with your mouth," about kissing, authored by Pope Francis #1 adviser Archbishop Victor Manuel Martinez, published in 1995: 
"Heal me with your mouth," 

"I want to clarify that this book is not written from both my own experience, but from the lives of people kissing. In these pages I want to synthesize the popular feeling, what people feel when they think of a kiss, which experienced deadly when they kiss. For that I chatted at length with many people who have abundant experience in this area, and also with many young people learn to kiss his way. In addition I consulted many books, and I wanted to show how the poets talk about the kiss. So, trying to synthesize the immense richness of life, these pages out for the kiss. I hope they help you kiss better, motivate you to release the best of your being in a kiss. The author"
"Introduction 7
 What is a kiss 11
 Paths to a kiss 19

 What the poets say 29
 The anti-kiss 49
 What it says 57th Street
 An infinite kiss 65
 The supermístico kiss 71 " 


Image from Grupo Editorial Lumen


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