Friday, May 8, 2015

CO2 guy Ed Davey loses seat in UK election, has been globetrotting "Energy and Climate Change Secretary" since 2012

Davey "was promoted to Energy and Climate Change Secretary in February 2012, after his Lib Dem colleague Chris Huhne was forced to resign....The job, one of six Cabinet positions the Lib Dems held as junior partners in the coalition, gave the party the chance to exercise their green credentials....He led negotiations for the UK on the world stage at UN climate talks in Qatar, Poland and Peru. But he admitted earlier this year it was "quite likely" he would no longer be Energy and Climate Change Secretary by the time crucial talks on securing a new global deal to tackle change take place in Paris in December."

5/8/15, "General Election 2015: Ed Davey loses Kingston and Surbiton to Conservative James Berry," South West Londoner staff

"In one of the shock results of the night Ed Davey has lost his Kingston and Surbiton seat to Conservative James Berry as the Lib Dem wipe out continues
The former Secretary for Energy and Climate Change had held the seat since 1997 but only managed to gather 20,415 votes compared with James Berry’s 23,249.

Mr Berry said: “This is great night for the Conservatives in Kingston. After 18 years we are back in the saddle. “I hope the next Conservative government will be able to create jobs that we so greatly need to make sure people can support themselves and their families. “I want to thank the people of Kingston and Surbiton who put their faith in me to be their MP. I will of course serve as MP for everyone whatever their political persuasion.

“What tonight’s turnout does show is that democracy is very much alive and kicking in Kingston and Surbiton.”
Labour came third with Lee Godfrey winning 8,574 votes, followed by UKIP’s Ben Roberts with 4,321.

Clare Keogh for the Greens came in with 2,322 and Daniel John Gill of the Christian Peoples Alliance won 198, TUSC candidate Laurel Fogarty received 174."...


5/8/15, "Ed Davey becomes first cabinet minister to lose seat since 1997," UK Mirror, , Emily Beament

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