Sunday, February 21, 2010

UN Climate Change computer model predicts exact opposite of reality.

Since 2001, we have steady Global Cooling: IPCC Computer Climate Model Predicted the opposite.
As depicted, global temperatures have been
falling since 2001, CO2 levels have been increasing (PPM green blocks right of graph).
This doesn't fit with UN climate model predictions.
Translation: Goldman Sachs, Soros, and Hollywood can scream all they want. There is no man made global warming, and the extent of CO2 in the atmosphere is beyond their power to manipulate. graph from C3 and more detail on public radio and television manipulation of this terrible subject, a huge waster of time and talent. Actual data--not failed computer models- say the globe is continually cooling,
Now they're saying well, aren't green programs a good idea anyway even if you "don't believe" in global warming. Wrong argument. We of course want to treat our air, sea, and land wisely. That is something completely different from saying the United States caused hurricanes and must pay reparations--billions every year--to demented hedge fund billionaires and corrupt dictators.

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