Tuesday, April 3, 2018

They promised NAFTA would end mass migration because populations of Mexico and Central America would be making so much money-Rush Limbaugh

4/3/18, "Didn’t They Promise NAFTA Would End Mass Migration?" Rush Limbaugh

"If you go back to the original days of NAFTA being negotiated, and I will never forget the No. 1 selling point of the pro-NAFTA people. You know what it was?

George Bush #1 NAFTA hero in 1992

The primary reason to sign on to and agree with the North American Free Trade Agreement was that it would elevate all of the economies of these Central American countries, including Mexico, and eventually their people wouldn’t want to leave because their economies were thriving and prospering and there would be no reason for them to migrate north.

If we would only do NAFTA and open even more free trade lanes, this would redound positively to all of these little economies in Central American nations. And then, by extension, that, of course, would mean less illegal immigration

It hasn’t worked out that way. If we are to believe the people in the caravan and their supporters, all of these countries — Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador--are barely hanging on. They’re falling apart. Their economies are nothing. They can’t support their native populations, in which case, then what the hell was NAFTA for?"...image above from RushLimbaugh.com


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