Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trump approval remains at 50% among registered voters nationwide, 90% among his voters, in latest Morning Consult Politico online poll, March 16-19, 2017, 1927 registered voters

Morning Consult is apparently unable to bear the pain of reporting continuing positive Trump approval numbers which have remained at around 50 percent [90% among Trump voters] since his inauguration with the exception of week 2 which dropped a few points (see chart below), so creates a "Trump Scandals" narrative for March 16-19 positive poll results. With a "scandals" narrative, busy readers would have to be predisposed to exerting extra effort to find anything not worthy of ridicule. The notion of a positive Trump number may be written off as irrational, a joke, just people with no teeth. Morning Consult Politico poll dates March 16-19, 2017, 1927 nationwide registered voters.

3/23/17, "Trump Scandals Make His Voters Like Him More," Morning Consult, Meghan McCarthy

"On the whole, these scandals don’t seem to be pulling down Trump's overall approval numbers. He has hovered around 50 percent [and 90% among Trump voters] after dropping a few points after the first executive order on immigration. [That "executive order on immigration" was approved by 55% of registered voters, tied for #1 most popular of Trump executive orders to that point, the other most popular being revoking federal funding for sanctuary cities, see chart below]. It’s also important to note that for about a 20 percent of voters, these scandals didn’t change their opinion either way."

page 12 of 276: "Table Q172: 

"Do you approve or disapprove of the job Donald Trump is doing as President?"

Among registered voters: 50% approve:

"Strongly approve 26%
Somewhat approve 24%"

Among Donald Trump voters: 90% approve:

"Strongly approve 52%
Somewhat approve 38%"

(continuing, Morning Consult): "The media-as-enemy tweet in particular was a hit with Trump voters, with 48 percent saying it gave them a more favorable view of the president. That is nine points higher than any other event we tested....

The national, online survey polled 1,927 registered voters from March 16-19. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points. Crosstabs are available here."

("Meghan is a Cofounder and Chief Content Officer of Morning Consult.")

Added: Approval of Trump Exec. orders, chart from 2/18/17, "Trump’s Approval Rating Slides Despite Support for Travel Ban," Morning Consult, Cameron Easley


Link to chart below:

3/15/17, "Poll: Trump Approval, Voter Optimism on the Rise," Morning Consult, Eli Yokley

Above chart: Trump approval rating from inauguration through March 9-13, 2017, nationwide Morning Consult/Politico online poll.


Comment: The person who wrote the top 3/23/17 Morning Consult article begins every day filled with hatred and gets paid for it.



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