Monday, April 2, 2012

John Batchelor show is now just a global warming infomercial

On John Batchelor's radio show Sun., 4/1/12, Lou Ann Hammond, an expert in the automotive and energy field and owner of, said approximately the following:

"If more people believed in global warming more people would buy Chevy Volts. If Obama is re-elected he could convince more people to believe in global warming."

Ed. note: As I recall, Batchelor agreed emphatically with Ms. Hammond's statements. Ms. Hammond appeared to have a segment entirely to herself on Monday or Tuesday night, had one or more guests and was chatting about electric cars and 'energy.' She said gasoline has helped America but it can't continue because of 'carbon.' I had to turn the radio off at that point.

Then on Sunday night, 4/8/12, Batchelor in a deep, serious voice introduces a segment about Iceland and says people there are very worried "about Global Warming and extreme (or severe) climate change." His guest had written something recent on the topic of Iceland. So I waited for either Batchelor or his guest to bring up the terrible global warming problem in Iceland but neither did.

Global warming is a multi-trillion dollar industry. Top UN 'climate' bosses freely admit it has nothing to do with climate. It is transfer of wealth (from the US middle class to unelected slobs at the UN who can do whatever they want with our money and can't be prosecuted for any crime, even murder) and societal change. That's what Batchelor supports. Fine, he did what many before him have done, sold out to billionaires, to Soros, to an instant army. There's little money on the right so that was an easy choice. I wonder if he'll explain his radical conversion to global warming promoter.


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