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US government blocks Middle East allies from fighting ISIS by providing heavy weapons directly to Kurds. US Senate last month voted down a plan to help Kurds, Obama wants no part of helping Kurds. Weapons are ready to go to help Kurds but US won't allow them. US prevents other countries from even bombing ISIS targets-UK Telegraph

7/2/15, "US blocks attempts by Arab allies to fly heavy weapons directly to Kurds to fight Islamic State," UK Telegraph, Con Coughlin

"Middle East allies accuse Barack Obama and David Cameron of failing to show strategic leadership in fight against Isil, as MPs could be given vote on whether to bomb Syria" 

"The United States has blocked attempts by its Middle East allies to fly heavy weapons directly to the Kurds fighting Islamic State jihadists in Iraq, The Telegraph has learnt. 

Some of America’s closest allies say President Barack Obama and other Western leaders, including David Cameron, are failing to show strategic leadership over the world’s gravest security crisis for decades. They now say they are willing to “go it alone” in supplying heavy weapons to the Kurds, even if means defying the Iraqi authorities and their American backers, who demand all weapons be channelled through Baghdad
High level officials from Gulf and other states have told this newspaper that all attempts to persuade Mr Obama of the need to arm the Kurds directly as part of more vigorous plans to take on Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) have failed. The Senate voted down one attempt by supporters of the Kurdish cause last month. The officials say they are looking at new ways to take the fight to Isil without seeking US approval. 

If the Americans and the West are not prepared to do anything serious about defeating Isil, then we will have to find new ways of dealing with the threat,” said a senior Arab government official. “With Isil making ground all the time we simply cannot afford to wait for Washington to wake up to the enormity of the threat we face.” 

The Peshmerga have been successfully fighting Isil, driving them back from the gates of Erbil and, with the support of Kurds from neighbouring Syria, re-establishing control over parts of Iraq’s north-west. 

But they are doing so with a makeshift armoury. Millions of pounds-worth of weapons have been bought by a number of European countries to arm the Kurds, but American commanders, who are overseeing all military operations against Isil, are blocking the arms transfers

One of the core complaints of the Kurds is that the Iraqi army has abandoned so many weapons in the face of Isil attack, the Peshmerga are fighting modern American weaponry with out-of-date Soviet equipment. 

At least one Arab state is understood to be considering arming the Peshmerga directly, despite US opposition. 

The US has also infuriated its allies, particularly Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Gulf states, by what they perceive to be a lack of clear purpose and vacillation in how they conduct the bombing campaign. Other members of the coalition say they have identified clear Isil targets but then been blocked by US veto from firing at them

“There is simply no strategic approach,” one senior Gulf official said. “There is a lack of coordination in selecting targets, and there is no overall plan for defeating Isil.” 

Western leaders increasingly accept that the “war on Isil” has not gone well, from the moment last year Mr Obama called the group a “JV [junior varsity] team” of jihadists compared with al-Qaeda. At that point, Isil had seized Fallujah, which US forces took in a bloody battle in 2004. It went on to take much of western Iraq and large areas of Syria, and in May took Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province. 

Britain is moving closer to expanding its role in the war. The Government on Wednesday gave its strongest indication yet that MPs will be given a new vote on whether to bomb Isil in Syria. Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, said it was “illogical” that British planes were able to hit extremists in Iraq but not across the border. 

Any decision to bomb in Syria would have to be approved by MPs. In 2013, the Prime Minister lost a vote for British military action in Syria. However, Mr Fallon said: “It is a new Parliament and I think new Members of Parliament will want to think very carefully about how we best deal with Isil, and the illogicality of Isil not respecting the borderlines.” 

Mr Fallon suggested that a bombing campaign could be mounted in revenge for the terror attacks in Tunisia if a link could be proved between the killer and Isil in Libya. Britain would only take military action in Libya “where we think there is an imminent threat, a very direct to British lives or, for example, to British hostages”, he said. 

Senior Whitehall sources did not distance themselves from Mr Fallon’s comments but insisted there was no immediate prospect of military action. The Telegraph understands that Mr Cameron is concerned that Labour might force the Government into another defeat over Syria." via Pamela Geller


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Ohio drops PARCC Common Core testing consortium

7/1/15, "Ohio drops PARCC testing," (Ohio)

"Ohio dropped the PARCC Common Core testing consortium Tuesday night after a series of complaints from educators and parents, including concerns from north central Ohio.

Gov. John Kasich signed a compromise two-year budget which concurred with Ohio Senate and House leaders that the Math and English exams would end in Ohio.

According to a report, Ohio spent $26 million in online and print testing last year.

The people of the state of Ohio seem to have spoken loudly that they don’t want the PARCC,” State Sen. Peggy Lehner told reporters."


French soldiers suspended over child sexual abuse claims while working as UN "peacekeepers" in Burkina Faso. UN "peacekeepers" regularly barter goods for sex with people they're supposed to be helping-BBC

UN "peacekeepers regularly barter goods for sex with people."

7/1/15, "French soldiers suspended over Burkina child sex claims," BBC

"France has suspended two of its soldiers over allegations they sexually abused children in Burkina Faso.

One of the alleged victims was a five-year-old girl whose father found a camera containing images of his daughter being sexually abused, report AFP news agency.

It comes after another abuse scandal involving French soldiers.

A leaked UN report claimed 16 French peacekeepers abused children in the Central African Republic....

French military police are travelling to the country to investigate, alongside the local police.

The French army has come under criticism for being slow to react to previous child abuse claims in Central African Republic.

There have been a number of sex scandals involving UN peacekeepers recently, with one UN report saying the peacekeepers regularly barter goods for sex with people.

About 3,000 French soldiers are stationed in five countries in the region - Mali, Chad, Mauritania and Niger as well as Burkina Faso - in an anti-terrorism operation and the UN currently has about 125,000 peacekeepers deployed in a number of countries around the world."


"Rape and sodomy of starving and homeless young boys" by French "peacekeeping troops"who were supposed to be protecting them a common occurrence among UN "peacekeepers." UN was enraged that a veteran UN worker leaked news about very typical UN crimes against the world's poorest and most defenseless:

4/29/15, "UN aid worker suspended for leaking report on child abuse by French troops," UK Guardian, Sandra Laville

"Anders Kompass said to have passed confidential document to French authorities because of UN’s failure to stop abuse of children in Central African Republic."

"A senior United Nations aid worker has been suspended for disclosing to prosecutors an internal report on the sexual abuse of children by French peacekeeping troops in the Central African Republic.

Sources close to the case said Anders Kompass passed the document to the French authorities because of the UN’s failure to take action to stop the abuse. The report documented the sexual exploitation of children as young as nine by French troops stationed in the country as part of international peacekeeping efforts. 

Kompass, who is based in Geneva, was suspended from his post as director of field operations last week and accused of leaking a confidential UN report and breaching protocols. He is under investigation by the UN office for internal oversight service (OIOS) amid warnings from a senior official that access to his case must be “severely restricted”. He faces dismissal.

The treatment of the aid worker, who has been involved in humanitarian work for more than 30 years, has taken place with the knowledge of senior UN officials, including Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, the high commissioner for human rights, and Susana Malcorra, chef de cabinet in the UN, according to documents relating to the case....

The abuses took place in 2014 when the UN mission in the country, Minusca, was in the process of being set up. The Guardian has been passed the internal report on the sexual exploitation by Paula Donovan, co-director of the advocacy group Aids Free World, who is demanding an independent commission inquiry into the UN’s handling of sexual abuse by peacekeepers.

It was commissioned by the UN office of the high commissioner for human rights after reports on the ground that children, who are among the tens of thousands displaced by the fighting, were being sexually abused.

Entitled Sexual Abuse on Children by International Armed Forces and stamped “confidential” on every page, the report details the rape and sodomy of starving and homeless young boys by French peacekeeping troops who were supposed to be protecting them at a centre for internally displaced people in Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic. 

Donovan said: “The regular sex abuse by peacekeeping personnel uncovered here and the United Nations’ appalling disregard for victims are stomach-turning, but the awful truth is that this isn’t uncommon. The UN’s instinctive response to sexual violence in its ranks – ignore, deny, cover up, dissemble – must be subjected to a truly independent commission of inquiry with total access, top to bottom, and full subpoena power.”

The UN has faced several scandals in the past relating to its failure to act over paedophile rings operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kosovo and Bosnia. It has also faced allegations of sexual misconduct by its troops in Haiti, Burundi and Liberia. The treatment of Kompass, a Swedish national, threatens to spark a major diplomatic row. 

This month, the Swedish ambassador to the United Nations warned senior UN officials “it would not be a good thing if the high commissioner for human rights forced” Kompass to resign. The ambassador threatened to go public if that happened and to engage in a potentially ugly and harmful debate.

The abuses detailed in the internal report took place before and after Minusca was set up last year. Interviews with the abused children were carried out between May and June last year by a member of staff from the office of the high commissioner for human rights and a Unicef specialist. The children identified represent just a snapshot of the numbers potentially being abused.
The boys, some of whom were orphans, disclosed sexual exploitation, including rape and sodomy, between December 2013 and June 2014 by French troops at a centre for internally displaced people at M’Poko airport in Bangui.

The children described how they were sexually exploited in return for food and money. One 11-year-old boy said he was abused when he went out looking for food. A nine-year-old described being sexually abused with his friend by two French soldiers at the IDP camp when they went to a checkpoint to look for something to eat.

The child described how the soldiers forced him and his friend to carry out a sex act. The report describes how distressed the child was when disclosing the abuse and how he fled the camp in terror after the assault. Some of the children were able to give good descriptions of the soldiers involved.
In summer 2014, the report was passed to officials within the office of the high commissioner for human rights in Geneva. When nothing happened, Kompass sent the report to the French authorities and they visited Bangui and began an investigation.

It is understood a more senior official was made aware of Kompass’s actions and raised no objections. But last month Kompass was called in and accused of breaching UN protocols by leaking details of a confidential report, according to sources.

Kompass’s emails have been seized as part of the investigation into the alleged leak. One senior UN official has said of Kompass that “it was his duty to know and comply” with UN protocols on confidential documents.
Bea Edwards, of the Government Accountability Project, an international charity that supports whistleblowers, condemned the UN for its witch-hunt against a whistleblower who had acted to stop the abuse of children.

“We have represented many whistleblowers in the UN system over the years and in general the more serious the disclosure they make the more ferocious the retaliation,” said Edwards. “Despite the official rhetoric, there is very little commitment at the top of the organisation to protect whistleblowers and a strong tendency to politicise every issue no matter how urgent.”

UN sources confirmed an investigation by the French was ongoing – in cooperation with the UN – into allegations of a very serious nature against peacekeepers in the Central African Republic.

On Wednesday the French government confirmed that authorities in Paris were investigating the allegations. A statement from the defence ministry said the government “was made aware at the end of July 2014 by the UN’s high commission for human rights of accusations by children that they had been sexually abused by French soldiers.”

An investigation was opened shortly after by Paris prosecutors, it said.

“The defence ministry has taken and will take the necessary measures to allow the truth to be found,” the statement added. “If the facts are proven, the strongest penalties will be imposed on those responsible for what would be an intolerable attack on soldiers’ values.”

The ministry said the abuse was alleged by around 10 children and reportedly took place at a centre for internally displaced people near the airport of the capital Bangui between December 2013 and June 2014.

The ministry said that French investigators had gone to the CAR from 1 August last year to begin their inquiry. A spokesman for the UN office of the high commissioner for human rights confirmed an investigation was under way into the leaking of confidential information by a staff member."


Same sex relationships punishable by up to 14 years in prison in Nigeria but attitudes are improving says new poll-BBC

6/30/15, "Nigeria poll suggests 87% oppose gay rights," BBC

"A new opinion poll suggests that 87% of people in Nigeria support the legal ban on same-sex relations. 

That number is lower than five years ago, when 96% of Nigerians opposed relationships between same-sex couples. 

Gay rights activists, who commissioned the poll, said this showed attitudes towards gay people were changing, albeit slowly. 

Nigeria is a deeply conservative country and religion plays a major role in society.

The government tightened anti-gay laws last year, banning same-sex marriages, gay groups and shows of same-sex public affection.

Campaigners say the laws are among the most draconian anywhere - and impose a sentence of up to 14 years in prison for same-sex couples

About 1,000 people across Nigeria took part in the telephone poll which was commissioned by gay rights groups, including the Bisi Alimi Foundation.

Only about one in six people said they knew someone who was openly homosexual, reports the BBC's Will Ross from Nigeria's main city, Lagos. 

However, the number almost doubled for people in their late teens and early twenties. About 30% of respondents said gay, lesbian and bisexual people should have access to public services such as education and healthcare. 

Gay activists, including the Bisi Alimi Foundation, see this as progress, our correspondent says.

They believe the survey shows that the tide is slowly turning towards acceptance. Nevertheless, Nigeria remains a dangerous place for people to come out, our correspondent adds." map from BBC


Nearly one billion who defecate outdoors pollute water sources, jeopardise health of millions, contribute to physical and mental impairment of 161 million children yearly. 640 million in India either don't have toilets or refuse to use them, UN report-AP

7/1/15, "One-third of world's people still have no proper toilets," AP

"Toilets are taken for granted in the industrialised West, but still are a luxury for a third of the world's people who have no access to them, according to a report by the World Health Organization and UNICEF.

Those who make do without toilets continue to pollute water sources and jeopardise public health and safety for millions worldwide. That contributes to malnutrition and childhood stunting, impairing 161 million children both physically and mentally every year.

"Until everyone has access to adequate sanitation facilities, the quality of water supplies will be undermined and too many people will continue to die from waterborne and water-related diseases," WHO's public health department director, Dr. Maria Neira, said in a statement....

Past efforts to improve water and sanitation have seen some success, with 2.1 billion people gaining access to better sanitation facilities since 1990, according to the report. Yet, another 2.4 billion people have seen no improvement, including 946 million people still relieving themselves outdoors-the vast majority among the rural poor.

India is by far the worst culprit, with more than 640 million people defecating in the open, and not necessarily due to a lack of facilities. Many men who have installed toilets at home still prefer going outdoors as they survey their farmlands or seek a few minutes of quiet.

While successive Indian governments have pledged to install toilets in every home, little has been done to educate people about the dangers of unsanitary practices. Meanwhile, diarrheal diseases kill 700,000 children every year, most of which could have been prevented with better sanitation. India still needs to build some 100 million toilets to provide everyone access, but experts say the country also needs to invest more in campaigns to change behaviors. Instead, the government recently slashed its sanitation budget in half.

India is also a victim of its own population growth, with some 1.26 billion citizens now and counting. That "just wipes out any gains in sanitation, or on any development front," Jacob said....

663 million of the world's poorest - more than the populations of the European Union and Russia combined - have seen no improvement at all. Instead, they are left to scavenge for water around broken pipes and stagnant ponds, may walk miles (kilometers) to the nearest spigot for clean water, or may be financially exploited by "water mafias" charging almost a full day's wages for single cup of water."....


June 16, 2014, "Why do millions of Indians defecate in the open?" BBC

"Apart from poverty and lack of lavatories, one of the reasons often cited to explain open defecation in India is the ingrained cultural norm making the practice socially accepted in some parts of the society.

"Just building toilets is not going to solve the problem, because open defecation is a practice acquired from the time you learn how to walk. When you grow up in an environment where everyone does it, even if later in life you have access to proper sanitation, you will revert back to it," says Sue Coates, chief of Wash (water, sanitation and hygiene) at Unicef.
India will be free of open defecation only when "every Indian household, every village, every part of Indian society will accept the need to use toilets and commit to do so", she says."...


“Building toilets does not mean that people will use them and there seems to be a host of cultural, social, and caste-based reasons for that....

8/4/14, "India’s Toilet Race Failing as Villages Don’t Use Them," Bloomberg,

In at least five of India’s poorest states, the majority of people in households with a government latrine don’t use it....Sunita’s family in the north Indian village of Mukimpur were given their first toilet in February, one of millions being installed by the government to combat disease. She can’t remember the last time anyone used it."...


6/30/15, "Lack of toilets for 2.4 billion people undermining health efforts,", Stephen Feller, Geneva, Switzerland  

"Lack of access to toilets and unsanitary social norms threaten to undermine global efforts to improve drinking water and increase rates of child survival. 

Great strides have been made to increase access to clean drinking water, and the number of children who die from diarrhea caused by poor sanitation and hygiene has been cut in half during the last fifteen years, according to the World Health Organization and UNICEF. 

The largest issue at hand, said Sanjay Wijesekera, head of UNICEF's global water, sanitation and hygiene programs, is sanitation and toilet access. 2.4 billion have no access to toilets, 946 million people defecate in the open, making it difficult to keep water supplies clean. 

"Until everyone has access to adequate sanitation facilities, the quality of water supplies will be undermined and too many people will continue to die from waterborne and water-related diseases," said Dr. Maria Neira, Director of the WHO Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health, in a press release

About 2.6 billion have gained access to cleaner drinking water, the two organizations report; 91 percent of the world's population has access to it. Additionally, fewer than 1,000 children die each day of diarrhea caused by water issues, as compared with about 2,000 per day 15 years ago. 

An improved drinking source is one that is protected from contamination and can include water piped into homes, a public tap or standpipe, or some other protected access, as well as sources of water that are specifically not able to be contaminated. 

Wijesekera said the global model on water, however, has not moved fast enough as many of the poorest people who need sanitation services have been left for last. 

A more robust focus and investment will need to be made to improve hygiene and habits, as well as more innovative technologies and approaches to helping poor, often rural, areas get access to clean water, the organizations said."


Image caption: "Although 2.6 billion people have gained access to clean water since 1990 who previously did not have it, hygiene and further sanitation issues threaten the progress that has been made. Photo: africa924/Shutterstock"


US gov. said to be waiting for illegal aliens to return permits illegally issued to them in defiance of court order-Washington Times

6/29/15, "Obama Defies Federal Judge, Fails To Rescind Wrongly Issued Amnesties," Stephen Dinan. Washington Times

"The Obama Administration still hasn’t fully rescinded the 2,000 three-year amnesties it wrongly issued four months ago in violation of a court order, government lawyers recently admitted in court, spurring a stern response from the judge who said the matter must be cleaned up by the end of July-or else....

The agency bungled the rollout, issuing three-year amnesties even while assuring the judge it had stopped all action hours after a Feb. 16 injunction.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency responsible for overseeing the amnesty, said it’s trying to round up all of the permits, sending out two-year amnesties and pleading with the illegal immigrants to return the three-year cards.

But they are having trouble getting some of the lucky recipients to send them back.

“USCIS is carefully tracking the returns of the three-year EAD cards, and many have been returned within weeks,” the agency said in a statement to The Washington Times. “USCIS continues to take steps to collect the remaining three-year EAD cards.”

The agency didn’t answer specific questions about how many remain outstanding, nor about what methods will be used to claw back the ones that folks refuse to return.

The three-year deportation amnesty was part of Mr. Obama’s November 2014 announcement when he proposed granting a three-year tentative deportation amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. It was to be a massive expansion, in both eligibility and duration, of his 2012 amnesty, which granted two-year amnesty to so-called Dreamers.

Judge Andrew S. Hanen blocked the expansion in February, issuing an injunction that remains in place even as the administration appeals it to a higher court. The next hearing on that appeal is due July 10.

But Judge Hanen was shocked to learn that USCIS issued the 2,000 three-year amnesties even after he’d issued his injunction.

“I expect you to resolve the 2,000; I’m shocked that you haven’t,” Judge Hanen told the Justice Department at a hearing last week, according to the San Antonio Express-News. “If they’re not resolved by July 31, I’m going to have to figure out what action to take.”

Homeland Security says it’s changed the duration of the work permits from three years to two years in its computer systems, but getting the cards returned from the illegal immigrants themselves is tougher.

The office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is leading the lawsuit challenging the amnesty and who won the February injunction against the policy, didn’t respond to a request for comment on the outstanding permits.

Josh Blackman, an assistant professor at the South Texas College of Law, who has filed briefs in the case opposing the Obama administration’s claims, said he believes the administration is trying to comply in good faith with Judge Hanen’s order, but USCIS’s difficulties show how difficult managing the full amnesty would be.

“The entire nature of this case was that agents were given a free rein to approve as many applications as possible. DHS can’t keep track of its own agents and who’s being approved for deferrals and work authorization,” he said.

Mr. Obama...said those that qualify — as many as 5 million illegal immigrants — could earn a two-year stay of deportation and a work permit, which would usually qualify them for Social Security numbers, which they can use to access some other benefits, including tax credits.

Judge Hanen ruled on Feb. 16 that Mr. Obama didn’t follow the law in announcing his policy because it’s a major change, and under federal law those must be put out for public notice and comment. Judge Hanen said he didn’t have to address the major constitutional issues of whether Mr. Obama stole power that belongs to Congress, though he could still reach those questions should his injunction be overturned.

Between Nov. 20, when Mr. Obama announced his policy, and the Feb. 16 injunction, Homeland Security issued 108,000 three-year permits. Their legality is questionable and Texas and the Obama administration are arguing over how to handle them.

Even after the Feb. 16 injunction, and even as Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was assuring Congress no permits were being issued, his department did issue 2,000 more three-year permits — something all sides agree was illegal."


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Mexican Cardinal objects to global government influence in western countries as evidenced in recent Mexico Supreme Court decisions. Says Russia, China, and Arab countries have managed to retain their own national governments

6/30/15, "Mexican cardinal: (Mexican) Supreme Court is puppet of ‘new order’ seeking to destroy marriage and Church," lifesitenews, Matthew Cullinan Hoffman 

Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez, archbishop of Guadalajara

"Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez, the archbishop emeritus of Guadalajara, Mexico, has produced a video denouncing the Mexican Supreme Court’s recent declaration imposing homosexual “marriage” on the entire country as a machination of those seeking to create a global government and a “new order,” and lamenting the weak response from Catholic bishops, who have failed to mobilize the faithful in opposition.

In the video broadcast on the Catholic television network Mariavision and widely distributed on the internet, Sandoval says that Mexico’s Supreme Court is seeking to “destroy marriage itself” by its recent declaration nullifying state laws defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman, and associating the institution with procreation.  He then repeats an accusation that he has made several times since 2011: that the Court is being influenced by bribes received from international organizations.

“Marriage, in accordance with nature, is a man and a woman, and it is also so in accordance with Christian revelation,” said Sandoval. “Marriage is a man and a woman. Anything more is something deviant. And if you ask why the Supreme Court is engaged in this, where the pressure is coming from, from where are they receiving, perhaps, great donations and great amounts of money, and as I have said, the ‘feeding’ [of the judges], from where these influences are coming for the Supreme Court to be legislating these things, always against morality, the fundamental problem is that there are international organizations at the service of a project that is called the ‘new order,’ a plan for global government.”"...

[Ed. note: The Cardinal is correct. In 2011 the Vatican called for "global public authority" led by UN to oversee "fair distribution of world wealth" and "global political society." In 2014 Pope Francis told a UN meeting that wealth should be redistributed "by the state." "The state" and the Catholic Church are pals. US government "redistributed" $2.6 billion to Catholic groups in 2008 alone.]

(continuing): "“Russia, China, and the Arab world have now escaped from their hands,” Sandoval noted. “They don’t dominate them, but in Western countries they want to establish a single government and they want to use it to destroy the family, the Catholic Church, which are in their way, as well as the true national governments. And one of the means for destroying the family is to pervert the concept itself of the family, to speak of matrimony as a union of people, so that the definition applies to any bond or union. It’s very lamentable, very sad.”

The cardinal also decried the “rather lamentable silence” on the part of “those of us who are pastors of the Church, who don’t speak clearly, who don’t denounce, who don’t organize our faithful to offer resistance.” The Church’s leadership could fight back by “organizing, for example, the gathering of signatures, whether for the Supreme Court or for the national congress, for local congresses, many signatures that say clearly that they do not want such legislation.  It’s very important for the good of the country that marriage be healthy, that marriage be what it should be and not be perverted.”

Sandoval expressed his confidence that the upcoming Synod of Bishops, to be held in the Vatican in October, will issue a clear reaffirmation of the Church’s traditional teaching. “The position of the Synod of the pope cannot be any other than what is fixed in the pages of Sacred Scripture: God made them man and woman, and commanded that they that they may be fertile. Whatever departs from this divine institution is an attack against it and is an aberration, and it can never fit into the mind of a Catholic, of a Christian.”

In response to the cardinal’s statements, multiple homosexual organizations say they have filed criminal complaints or are planning to do so, including a coalition of groups that accuse Sandoval of “discrimination and inciting violence” by calling homosexual “marriage” an “aberration,” according to the Spanish news agency EFE. Mexico’s Milenio newspaper reports  that one homosexualist group, the Cohesion of Diversities for Sustainability (CODISE), plans to file a complaint against Sandoval with the federal Secretariat of Governance, as well as against the seminary of Guadalajara because they “give a talk that incites hatred and discrimination and that generates confusion among heterosexual parents regarding the rejection of their homosexual children, and creates a repressive and suicidal mentality in their homosexual children.”" image from Lifesite News


Two citations for Vatican calling for world government, 2011, 2014:

10/24/2011, "Towards Reforming Financial and Monetary Systems in the Context of Global Public Authority," Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, The Vatican, Peter K.A. Cardinal Turkson, President, Bishop Mario Toso, Secretary

"With due respect for the competent civil and political authorities, the Council hereby offers and shares its reflection: Towards reforming the international financial and monetary systems in the context of global public authority....

The G20 leaders themselves said in the Statement they adopted in Pittsburgh in 2009: “The economic crisis demonstrates the importance of ushering in a new era of sustainable global economic activity grounded in responsibility” (3)....   

We hope that world leaders and all people of good will find this reflection helpful."...
2nd to last paragraph in subhead 3. "An Authority over Globalization:"  

"A long road still needs to be travelled before arriving at the creation of a public Authority with universal jurisdiction. It would seem logical for the reform process to proceed with the United Nations as its reference because of the worldwide scope of the UN’s responsibilities, its ability to bring together the nations of the world, and the diversity of its tasks and those of its specialized Agencies. The fruit of such reforms ought to be a greater ability to adopt policies and choices that are binding because they are aimed at achieving the common good on the local, regional and world levels. Among the policies, those regarding global social justice seem most urgent: financial and monetary policies that will not damage the weakest countries(19); and policies aimed at achieving free and stable markets and a fair distribution of world wealth, which may also derive from unprecedented forms of global fiscal solidarity, which will be dealt with later. On the way to creating a world political Authority, questions of governance (that is, a system of merely horizontal coordination without a higher authority super partes) cannot be separated from those of a shared government (that is, a system which in addition to horizontal coordination establishes a higher authority super partes) which is functional and proportionate to the gradual development of a global political society."...via Rosa Koire, Democrats Against UN Agenda 21


At 2014 UN speech in Rome, Pope Francis says earned wages must be taken from workers "by the state" and redistributed. Ban Ki-Moon invites Francis to speak at UN:

5/9/2014, "Pope urges 'legitimate redistribution' of wealth," AP, Nicole Winfield 

"Pope Francis called Friday for governments to redistribute wealth and benefits to the poor in a new spirit of generosity to help curb the "economy of exclusion" that is taking hold today.

Francis made the appeal during a speech to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the heads of major U.N. agencies who met in Rome this week. Latin America's first pope has frequently lashed out at the injustices of capitalism and the global economic system. On Friday, Francis called for the United Nations to promote a "worldwide ethical mobilization" of solidarity with the poor.

He said a more equal form of economic progress can be had through "the legitimate redistribution of economic benefits by the state, as well as indispensable cooperation between the private sector and civil society.""....


Citation for US government's massive support of Catholic Church:

Nov. 2009 article: "The bishops have a long history of almost unlimited access to enormous quantities of federal funding....Sixty-seven percent of Catholic Charities’ income comes from government funding.... That represents over $2.6 billion in 2008."

11/10/2009, "The Catholic bishops' double standard," Politico, by Nancy Keenan and Jon O'Brien

"The bishops have a long history of almost unlimited access to enormous quantities of federal funding. When it comes to funding for Catholic schools and hospitals or programs run by Catholic Charities, they accept federal funding with open arms. The bishops never question their own ability to lawfully manage funds from separate sources to ensure that tax dollars don’t finance religious practices."... 



Comment: The mafia can only dream of being an operation like the UN. Nothing about the UN is "ethical." It was invented by US politicians to bleed US taxpayers. Though not elected by or accountable to them, US politicians think it's a good idea to force taxpayers to turn over large portions of their earnings yearly to thousands of UN personnel on a no-strings basis. No UN employee can be prosecuted for any crime anywhere in the world. They're exempt from all laws. They can put all the US taxpayer money in personal bank accounts without consequence. As bad as the Pope is, the UN isn't his fault. The UN exists only because the US political class wants it to.


NYPD officer simulates sex on the street with Gay Pride Parade marcher


"This cop got into the spirit of New York's Pride Parade on Sunday, dancing happily with a participant."

6/29/15, "SEE IT: NYPD officer dances enthusiastically with Pride Parade marcher," NY Daily News, Aliza Chasan

"This is the New York City cop who grooved his way into the celebratory spirit of Sunday’s Pride Parade.

An NYPD officer danced with marcher Aaron Santis, 29, in a video posted to YouTube by Paige Ponzeka. "The officer was just standing there, stoic, not really doing anything, just watching the parade, and Aaron just started dancing up against him," Ponzeka said. "A little while into it, the officer just started dancing with him."

The two men grind and shake their arms to Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough.” At the end of the video, Santis, who marched with the LGBT Big Apple Softball League, pats an "I'd hit that" sticker onto the officer’s uniform and gives the grinning cop a kiss on the cheek....

The NYPD didn’t immediately respond when asked if the officer would be disciplined for dancing suggestively in uniform.

Two officers who danced with women at the West Indian Day Parade in 2011 were not disciplined."


6/29/15, "NYPD Officer Bumps, Grinds, Simulates Sex with Gay Pride Parade Member," Breitbart, William Bigelow

"On Sunday, one NYPD officer joyfully danced with a member of the gay pride parade, bumping and grinding and letting the parade member get behind him and simulate sex on the street in front of appreciative onlookers.

Afterward, the gay pride parade member gave the officer a nice hug and kiss, while the officer beamed.

The gay parade-dancing officer had precedent: In 2011, NYPD officers did some bumping and grinding of their own with revelers at the West Indian-American Day Carnival. One report said that an officer was “daggering” a lucky recipient." Image: Paige Ponzeka/YouTube