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Many California ObamaCare customers can't find doctors and are going back to free clinic, CBS, San Francisco. Without an Executive Order declaring physicians slaves of Obama, Boehner and McConnell, ObamaCare can't work

Doctors told many ObamaCare customers they "weren’t accepting new patients or they did not participate in the plan."
4/18/14, "ConsumerWatch: Some Covered California Patients Say They Can’t See A Doctor,", KPIX 5

"While open enrollment for coverage under the Affordable Care Act is closed, many of the newly insured are finding they can’t find doctors, landing them into a state described as “medical homelessness.”

Rotacare, a free clinic for the uninsured in Mountain View, is dealing with the problem firsthand. Mirella Nguyen works at the clinic said staffers dutifully helped uninsured clients sign up for Obamacare so they would no longer need the free clinic.

But months later, the clinic’s former patients are coming back to the clinic begging for help. “They’re coming back to us now and saying I can’t find a doctor, “said Nguyen.

Thinn Ong was thrilled to qualify for a subsidy on the health care exchange. She is paying $200 a month in premiums. But the single mother of two is asking, what for?
“Yeah, I sign it. I got it. But where’s my doctor? Who’s my doctor? I don’t know,” said a frustrated Ong.

Nguyen said the newly insured patients checked the physicians’ lists they were provided and were told they weren’t accepting new patients or they did not participate in the plan.

And Nguyen says – while the free clinic isn’t technically supposed to be treating former patents they signed up for insurance, they can’t in good faith turn them away.

Dr. Kevin Grumbach of UCSF called the phenomenon “medical homelessness,” where patients are caught adrift in a system woefully short of primary care doctors.

“Insurance coverage is a necessary but not a sufficient condition to assure that people get access to care when they need it,” Grumbach said.

Those who can’t find a doctor are supposed to lodge a complaint with state regulators, who have been denying the existence of a doctor shortage for months.

Meanwhile, the sick and insured can’t get appointments. “What good is coverage if you can’t use it?” Nguyen said.

Experts said the magnitude of the problem is growing, and will soon be felt by all Californians. But those on the front lines, like the free clinic, are feeling it first.

More than 3 million Californians are newly insured. At the same time, a third of our primary care doctors are set to retire." via Free Rep.


Comment: Having insurance has never meant you could see a doctor or get needed care. It only means you have insurance. If physicians and dentists agree to be slaves of Obama, Boehner, and McConnell, ObamaCare (which has yet to be approved by the House of Representatives as a tax and is therefore illegal) may be declared "a success." 


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Companies are looking for rare earths minerals in Southern Nevada, only existing US rare earths mine as of 2012 is near Nevada border in California

4/19/14, "Lessons Learned and Lessons Missed from the Attempted Land Grab," Canada Free Press, Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

"We learned that the government will do anything to private citizens in order to grab land and private property either under the guise of protecting an “endangered” desert tortoise that is actually overpopulated, or getting rid of “feral” and destructive “trespassing cattle” grazing the land for generations, cattle that are in the way of developing a $5 billion Chinese solar panel plant (ENN), and the exploitation of rare earth elements in the larger adjacent area."....

Companies are looking in Southern Nevada for valuable rare earths minerals. The only US rare earths mine as of 2012 is near the Nevada border in California. Rare earths may not be the government's current interest in Nevada ranch land but it might become so in the future:

5/15/2012, "The Diversification of Nevada Mining: Searching for Rare Earths," Nevada Mining Assn.

"The United States currently has only one rare earths mine, Molycorp located in Mountain Pass, Calif., in operation....
So where does Nevada fit into the rare earths picture? Molycorp’s Mountain Pass mine is located just miles from the Nevada-California border, south of Las Vegas."...

[Note: The Bundy ranch is 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas.] 

(continuing): "For this reason, many exploration companies believe rare earths must exist in large concentrations in Southern Nevada. As with any mineral exploration, the process can be long and expensive, but that has not deterred several companies from searching for rare earths in Southern Nevada.

Should these companies discover mineable rare earths in Nevada, the state would only strengthen its position as a major, global producer of high-demand minerals. The potential for discovery alone is enough to excite industry experts, and the search for rare earths in Nevada is one we should all watch in the coming years."


4/19/14,  Per Molycorp rare earths mine is located in San Bernardino County, California, near southern Nevada border, within 3 Nevada watersheds: Ivanpah-Pahrump Valleys(hydrologic unit)Central Nevada Desert Basins(hydrologic accounting unit), Central Nevada Desert Basins(hydrologic subregion)." 


4/17/14, "BLM: 2 bulls euthanized during Cliven Bundy cattle roundup," Las Vegas Review Journal, Ben Botkin, Keith Rogers

"Bundy’s ranch in Bunkerville, 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas."...


'Prior to capitalism, the way people amassed great wealth was by looting, plundering, and enslaving their fellow man'-Walter E. Williams

8/12/1997, "Capitalism and the Common Man," George Mason University

"Prior to capitalism, the way people amassed great wealth was by looting, plundering, and enslaving their fellow man. Capitalism made it possible to become wealthy by serving your fellow man."

Walter E. Williams"

December 18, 2013, "The Pope and Capitalism," George Mason University (Similar version of 1997 quote)

via "Thought for the Day," The Hayride blog, email 


7 dead after 16 Chinese nationals attempt to illegally cross northern Viet Nam border

4/18/14, "Illegal Chinese immigrant shoots dead self, 2 Vietnam border soldiers, 4 compatriots," (Viet Nam)

"A Chinese national Friday opened fire and killed two Vietnamese border soldiers, four of his countrymen and himself with a gun he grabbed from a local border gate security officer, who was trying to stop more than a dozen of illegal immigrants from entering the Southeast Asian country via the northern border.

Seven people were killed in the shooting, including two Vietnamese border soldiers and five Chinese nationals,” Nguyen Van Doc, chairman of the northern Vietnamese province of Quang Ninh, where the incident took place, said in a statement at 4:00 pm.

A group of 16 Chinese nationals were attempting to illegally cross the border near the Bac Phong Sinh border gate in Quang Ninh when they were detected by authorities at 4:20 am the same day, the provincial People’s Committee said in an official announcement.

There are four women and two children among the illegal immigrants.

Officers then asked these foreigners to go to a station at the border gate to complete procedures to repatriate them to China.

At 12:00 pm, while the officers were working with them, one of the Chinese rushed to a border gate security guard and snatched his gun.

The Chinese man opened fire and killed one border soldier. 

The Chinese nationals then dashed to sabotage the border gate station. When besieged by Vietnamese officers, some of them hurt themselves while others attempted to commit suicide by jumping from one of the upper floors of the station.

The Chinese shooter then fired at the crowd, killing another Vietnamese border soldier and four of his countrymen before taking his own life with a shot in the head.

Some were injured during the shooting, including four Vietnamese border soldiers.

The Bac Phong Sinh border defense post has conducted formalities to deport some of the illegal immigrants back to China, while those involved have been detained for investigation.

Doc, the Quang Ninh chairman, confirmed to Tuoi Tre that the firing was not a terrorist attack as some local websites have reported.

Provincial authorities are working with their Chinese counterparts to settle the issue in accordance with Vietnamese and Chinese laws, as well as international practice, Doc said.

The chairman added that the security situation at the border gate has returned to normal."


4/18/14, "7 killed in Vietnam border shooting,", Hanoi

"The Vietnamese government says seven people have been killed in a shootout between Chinese migrants and Vietnamese border guards at a crossing in the north of the country.

The government in the province of Quang Ninh says Vietnamese authorities early Friday detained a group of 16 Chinese including 10 men, four women and two children after they illegally entered the country.

It says they were being taken to the border to be returned to China when one of them seized a gun from a guard, killing one of them.

Vietnamese guards responded and an ensuing standoff and firefight left one other guard and five Chinese dead.

The government didn't say whether the Chinese dead included children and women."


3 decades of Mitch McConnell and Thad Cochran's best efforts, daily access to microphones, have delivered 300 million innocent Americans into massive central government and forced economic depression that prohibits us from accessing oil and gas reserves on lands that belong to us whose upkeep we finance

4/16/14, "Oil and gas production on federal lands is in free fall under Obama," Daily Caller, M. Bastasch

"Oil and gas production has stalled on federal lands for the third year in a row under the Obama administration, despite booming energy production on private and state lands, according to a new government report. 
The Congressional Research Service (CRS) says that the share of oil and gas production coming from federal lands have plummeted from 2009 to 2013. Oil production on federal lands fell by 11 percent over this time period and natural gas production fell by 28 percent.

Federal onshore oil production fell for the third year in a row, while offshore oil production increased slightly — just enough to increase total oil production by 15,300 barrels per day in 2013 above 2012 levels.

But total federal oil production is still 316,800 barrels per day below 2010 levels of 1,975,100 barrels per day. The energy industry and federal lawmakers have long criticized the Obama administration for saddling energy producers with lengthy permitting times and environmental review processes.

“The CRS report clearly shows that where the federal government has the most control, on federal lands, it is suppressing development of the energy that all Americans own while preventing job creation and economic prosperity,” said Tim Wigley, president of pro-drilling Western Energy Alliance.

The share of U.S. oil production on federal lands has fallen to a five-year low, according to CRS, from 33.8 percent in 2009 to only 23 percent last year. The share of natural gas production on federal lands has also reached a five-year low of 15.2 percent last year — down from 24.9 percent in 2009.
While energy production on federal lands has fallen in recent years, production on private and state lands has boomed, according to CRS. Oil production on non-federal lands has soared by 61 percent since 2009 and natural gas production has jumped up 33 percent during that time.

“The huge success of the oil and natural gas industry increasing energy security and bringing the country out of recession is despite, not because of, the policies of this Administration,” Wigley said.

The CRS attributes much of the success of private and state lands to “favorable geology and the relative ease of leasing from private parties” for oil and to “big shale gas plays” for the success of natural gas production.

But this discounts the vast oil and gas shale resources being closed off to development by the Obama administration, according to the Western Energy Alliance.

WEA says that CRS “doesn’t consider that federal lands atop the Bakken, Niobrara and other major plays are lagging adjacent non-federal lands. In addition, prospective shales like the Mancos are being kept off limits by federal policies, so we do not truly know the extent of shale plays predominated by federal lands.”
According to the conservative American Action Forum (AAF), federal lands and waters hold about 43 percent of all domestic oil reserves and 72 percent of oil shale acreage. But the Obama administration has stifled energy production through long permitting times and keeping more land off-limits to oil and gas drilling.

Last year, the Obama administration sold the lowest amount of oil and gas leases since 1988 and approved the fewest drilling permits since 2002. Getting a permit approved on federal lands take 194 days on average, according to government data. Drilling permitting on state lands can take anywhere from a few days to about one month.

“North Dakota, which has dramatically increased oil and natural gas production, provides an example that the country should follow,” Wigley said. “With a business climate that encourages rather than constrains energy development, it enjoys the lowest unemployment rate in the nation and huge budget surpluses.”"


The government's own figures state increased US energy self-sufficiency is despite the Obama administration. Obama can lie and take credit for it because he has no fear of his pals in the Republican Party:

11/13/2013, "Driving Toward Greater Energy Security," blog , Dan Utech

"Today, the Department of Energy announced that we’ve hit another milestone on our path to a more secure energy future. In October, domestic oil production exceeded crude oil imports for the first time since 1995, while petroleum net imports were the lowest since February 1991. For energy, the last two decades have been a story of resurgence and regaining control of our energy security, and this achievement underscores the changes in how we produce and use energy.....

New technology, driven in part by research at the Department of Energy, has helped to unlock new domestic energy supplies in places like North Dakota and Texas. This month, oil production hit a 24-year high, bucking a trend that saw more nearly two decades of decline and slipping production."....


Ted Cruz is most popular politician in Texas, latest Public Policy Poll. Also, Cruz leads Texas GOP primary field by 11 points. 4/10-4/13

4/18/14, "Poll: Ted Cruz Most Popular Politician in Texas," Breitbart, Tony Lee

"Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is the most popular politician in Texas, beating out Governor Rick Perry and Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX).

In addition, according to a new Public Policy Polling poll, Cruz leads the potential GOP 2016 field with 25% among Republican primary voters in Texas. Jeb Bush comes in second with 14%. Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, and Rick Perry are tied for third with 10% each. Chris Christie and Paul Ryan received 5% each in the poll, and Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio got 4% each. 

According to the poll, Texans do not want Perry, who unsuccessfully ran for president in 2012, to run in 2016, with 23% thinking he should make a run "compared to 66% who think he should sit it out. Even among GOP primary voters, only 34% think he should make another bid, with 52% dissenting."

The poll, conducted by the left-leaning organization, surveyed 559 registered voters, including 294 GOP primary voters, from April 10-13. The survey's margin of error was +/- 4.1 percentage points and +/- 5.7 percentage points for the Republican-only poll." via Free Rep.


"This is not the same party that brought George W. Bush to the governor’s office 20 years ago....The locus of power now rests...with Cruz and the Tea Party wing."...Washington Post

3/5/14, "The real story in Texas primary is the ascendancy of GOP right wing," Washington Post, Dan Balz

"Establishment and tea party Republicans can comb through the results of Tuesday’s primaries in Texas and find something to feel good about. But the real story out of the state this winter is the degree to which the most conservative wing of the party is ascendant. This is not the same party that brought George W. Bush to the governor’s office 20 years ago....

The primary campaigns provided plenty of evidence of where the locus of power now rests in the Texas GOP, and it is with Cruz and the tea party wing....

The construct that this was a true test of the GOP establishment vs. the tea party misses the point.

As a new generation of leaders rises in the Lone Star State, there are few dissenters from the views of the party’s most conservative wing."


Friday, April 18, 2014

GOP racketeers working with billionaire and radical left partners to silence ordinary Americans, open US borders to violent cultures, rape, filth, misery and death-Daniel Horowitz. (Will multi-millionaire Mitch McConnell take millions from violent Central American cultures and their relatives into his personal home?)

Billionaire group consists of three radical left Obama operatives and one racketeer from the permanent "Republican" profiteer class:
Arizona border garbage

4/18/14, "Former McConnell/NRSC Staffers Profiting from Attacking Conservatives," Daniel Horowitz, Madison Project

"There is no way to sugarcoat the treachery coming from the highest levels of the GOP establishment. Former McConnell/NRSC staffers, with the help of a super-liberal billionaire, are running ads against Republicans for not supporting Obama’s prized agenda item – amnesty for illegal aliens.

The pro-amnesty FWD group, which is funded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has already run millions of dollars’ worth of misleading ads touting Obama’s amnesty plan as a border security measure. Now they are attacking Rep. Steve King for not joining Obama in subverting our laws, vitiating our sovereignty, and erasing our borders. Most egregiously, they use the red herring anomaly of illegals serving in the military to suggest that King is “attacking” our soldiers.

At first glance, this might not appear to be an earth-shattering event in politics. After all, a liberal billionaire is attacking a conservative for being a conservative. But FWD is actually designed as a Trojan horse Republican organization and has ties to top GOP staffers. Rob Jesmer, former NRSC Executive Director, is now the campaign manager for this anti-sovereignty group. According to the group’s website, he manages FWD’s “campaigns, and oversees grassroots operations, research, earned and paid media, and our policy and legislative operations.” In other words, he is responsible for the lying ads last year and the current ads attacking Republicans.

In addition to Jesmer, Billy Piper was listed as one of the lobbyists for FWD. Piper used to serve as Chief of Staff to Sen. Mitch McConnell and is still one of his loudest mouthpieces. Also, Brian Walsh, the former communications director at the NRSC (now working with Schumer and Cuomo staffers at Singer-Bonjean) does some work for FWD.

Why is this so significant? 
Rape tree, Ariz. border


Team McConnell and the NRSC have accused the Tea Party of pursuing “profit for purity,” making careers out of attacking fellow Republicans.  They went so far as to blacklist the vendors of these groups, such as Jamestown Associates, for helping Senate Conservatives Fund produce ads against Republicans in primaries.  At the time, NRSC spokesman Brad Dayspring said, “We’re not going to do business with people who profit off of attacking Republicans. Purity for profit is a disease that threatens the Republican Party.” Walsh has tripped over himself to get his name in every news story criticizing conservative groups for attacking Republican incumbents.

Let’s take this slowly for a moment. Conservatives run ads against Republicans in primaries (with legitimate Republican opponents) because the incumbents voted against the GOP party platform on issues ranging from amnesty and earmarks to debt, bailouts and funding for Obamacare.  The NRSC decries this as profiting off of attacks on fellow Republicans, and proceeds to blacklist their vendors.

Now we have former McConnell and NRSC staffers and associates running ads against a Republican (with no other Republican opponent) for not supporting Obama’s prized initiative for his second term – mass amnesty for illegals and a permanent Democrat majority. By their own standard, anyone who is even remotely related to these hustlers should be blacklisted.

If attacking Republicans for violating the Republican Party platform is tantamount to profit for purity, attacking Republicans for violating the Democrat Party platform represents profit for perfidy at its worst." via Mark Levin twitter



May 2013, One of many Love Trains carrying citizens from criminal Latin American cultures to the US, ap via UK Daily Mail.


Will multi-millionaire Mitch McConnell take each of these people and all their relatives into his personal home, feed, cloth, and educate all of them for the next 80 years, give them medical care?

Love Train, Mexico, Aug. 2013, via BBC

Love Train in Mexico trying to get to Mitch McConnell's house, ap

5/1/13, All aboard for the American Dream: Desperate migrants ride the ‘Train of Death’ through Mexico to reach the U.S risking violent attack, rape and kidnap, UK Daily Mail, ap photo 


Top two images:  

3/16/09, Trash at Arizona border left by "loving" sub-humans the US political class favors, Now Public 

3/16/09, "Rape Tree" one of many on Arizona border holding the panties of young girls raped by Mexican smugglers. photo from Now Public


Mexico would have died...without the option to send its rural poor - fully one-fifth of its population - to the United States.” ... 


"The rule of law is what sets the U.S. apart from many of the societies whence immigrants come."



Aug. 29, 2013, El Salvador jail, getty via UK Daily Mail


9/27/11, "The bodies of two men shot dead next to the Caleta beach (background) lie, one of them covered, in the Pacific resort city of Acapulco, Mexico, Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2011. The city of Acapulco has been hit by violence as drug gangs continue to battle for control of the region. (AP Photo/Bernandino Hernandez)" via Huffington Post




US is completely indifferent to dangers it has created around the world-Caroline Glick

4/17/14, "Column one: The disappearance of US will," Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post

"The most terrifying aspect of the collapse of US power worldwide is the US’s indifferent response to it.

In Europe, in Asia, in the Middle East and beyond, America’s most dangerous foes are engaging in aggression and brinkmanship unseen in decades.

As Gordon Chang noted at a symposium in Los Angeles last month hosted by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, since President Barack Obama entered office in 2009, the Chinese have responded to his overtures of goodwill and appeasement with intensified aggression against the US’s Asian allies and against US warships.

In 2012, China seized the Scarborough Shoal from the Philippines. Washington shrugged its shoulders despite its mutual defense treaty with thePhilippines. And so Beijing is striking again, threatening the Second Thomas Shoal, another Philippine possession.

In a similar fashion, Beijing is challenging Japan’s control over the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea and even making territorial claims on Okinawa.

As Chang explained, China’s recent application of its Air-Defense Identification Zone to include Japanese and South Korean airspace is a hostile act not only against those countries but also against the principle of freedom of maritime navigation, which, Chang noted, “Americans have been defending for more than two centuries.”

The US has responded to Chinese aggression with ever-escalating attempts to placate Beijing.

And China has responded to these US overtures by demonstrating contempt for US power.

Last week, the Chinese humiliated Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel during his visit to China’s National Defense University. He was harangued by a student questioner for the US’s support for the Philippines and Japan, and for opposition to Chinese unilateral seizure of island chains and assertions of rights over other states’ airspace and international waterways.

As he stood next to Hagel in a joint press conference, China’s Defense Chief Chang Wanquan demanded that the US restrain Japan and the Philippines.

In addition to its flaccid responses to Chinese aggression against its allies and its own naval craft, in 2012 the US averred from publicly criticizing China for its sale to North Korea of mobile missile launchers capable of serving Pyongyang’s KN-08 intercontinental ballistic missiles. With these easily concealed launchers, North Korea significantly upgraded its ability to attack the US with nuclear weapons.

As for Europe, the Obama administration’s responses to Russia’s annexation of Crimea and to its acts of aggression against Ukraine bespeak a lack of seriousness and dangerous indifference to the fate of the US alliance structure in Eastern Europe.

Rather than send NATO forces to the NATO member Baltic states, and arm Ukrainian forces with defensive weapons, as Russian forces began penetrating Ukraine, the US sent food to Ukraine and an unarmed warship to the Black Sea.

Clearly not impressed by the US moves, the Russians overflew and shadowed the US naval ship....

This week, jihadist websites featured an al-Qaida video showing hundreds of al-Qaida terrorists in Yemen meeting openly with the group’s second in command, Nasir al-Wuhayshi.

In the video, Wuhayshi threatened the US directly saying,
“We must eliminate the cross,” and explaining that “the bearer of the cross is America.”"...via Lucianne